Recap: Healing and Meditation Class at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2018-12-10-The Hukam

The hukam

We held a workshop at Yoga West on December 10, 2018.  We performed a meditation to identify with only the self, allowing all features of the perceptive field to unify into a coherent internal context that is free of bias and personal prejudice.  It is an exercise in merging perception with the reality.

Stabilize identification with only the self:

Meditation: NM360-20000913 – Making a Mold – White Hole Mudra

We performed exercises in recognizing the role of contemplation in healing and teaching.  As a teaching protocol, we call it consulting the ‘hukam”.  Rather than teaching a preplanned topic or meditation with a preconceived goal, the hukam can tell us what wants to be taught.  For healing, what wants to be healed and how.

We engaged an exercise where healing partners spoke a statement or question to their partner.  Then the other responded to the statement.  We repeated the exercise, this time only responding after contemplating the reaction to the original statement and choosing a response modified by the contemplation. Finally, the person hearing the original statement contemplated the reaction until no more reaction was perceived.  Then spoke the response.

We then performed healing exercises that employed the use of contemplation in this way.

Class audio:

We pointed out that this class started out much the same way as last week’s class, but evolved in a very different direction.  That’s a result of using the hukam.


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