Meditation: Sedona 2005 Retreat Sadhana – 20050902

In September, 2005, we attended a Sat Nam Rasayan retreat in Sedona with Guru Dev Singh.  At sadhana, we performed a series of kriyas originally taught by Yogi Bhajan.

1. For central nerve – Jupiter & Saturn fingers point up together at sides, thumb on Sun. Eyes closed, tip of chin. Tongue out as far as it will go. Inhale and exhale through the mouth. 11 min.

2. For Lymphatic System – Hands clasped out in front. Roll the shoulders forward and up, then backwards and down. Bring hands in as you exhale, out as you inhale. Eyes closed, tip of chin. 11 min.

3. For the brain – Hold finger tips together in front. Roll the wrists forward while bringing elbows out. Roll back to start, then repeat motion. Wiggle the toes while you do this. Eyes closed, tip of chin. 3 min.

4. For the heart and lungs – Fly. Extend the arms out to the sides and move them up and down as if flying. Feel the sensation of flying. 5 min.

5. Left hand over right, with 4 in. of separation, at heart level. Drop both hands together then bring them up. Drop just the right hand and bring it up. Make the movements precise with no extraneous movement. 11 min.
Good for the nervous system and brain function.

6. Arms straight out in front, palms together, right thumb over left.
Sing Wah Yantee. 11 min.

7. Clap hands at heart and then overhead. Sing Sa Re Sa Sa. 1 min.

8. Clasp hands together upward and outward and to the left, tightening and shaking them.  Repeat to the right.  Alternate.  Like champions 1 min.

Sedona 2005 Retreat Sadhana

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