Meditation: Shasta 2013 Retreat Notes

We do not warrant the completeness nor the accuracy of the notes published here.  They are meant to remind the student of the meditations performed at the conference, not to serve as a definitive description of the meditations.  As the resources for the descriptions are researched links to those resources will be supplied here.

Shasta 2013-08-28

Mountain majestic
Rising tall
Open your secrets
And tell all
Of heaven and earth
To us whom you call


The impact of meditative mind over the environment

No anxiety.  Slavery.

Kriya- sitali pranayam. Inhale hold 8 sec exhale nose 31 min inhale squeeze cheeks exhale3x

Kriya-left Jupiter on forehead. Ton. Pump navel. Right Jupiter.,Saturn up at sides. Tongue at upper palate.  Molars tight.  Listen every heartbeat.
Increases flow in the brain.  Self emboldment.  Vision.
When you react, you stop seeing.  Helps involve you with what’s going on.  Nm091

Kriya- right hand forearm up, palm level in front at shoulder.  Left hand extended, bent, palm up.  Eyes closed.  Waheguru jio gyani ji.  Balance hands.  Sing.   Whisper, silent & pump navel.  Then contemplate (no music).  Nm190.

Kriya-hands clasped in front, right over left.
“o” mouth Ldb.  Sense the lips and focus on sensation of hands.  Expand chest and shoulders on inhale. Strong breathing.
Inhale 3x.
Ldb. Focus on navel & hands and original Prana.
listen wha Yantee
“o” mouth only using diaphragm.
Inhale, squeeze, hold, exhale 3x.       La665.   Revitalizes.

Kriya – Sadhana.   Use med mind to suggest.
interlace hands in front of heart, pull thumbs back
Ra ra ra ra ma ma ma ma sa sa sa sa sat Hari Har Hari Har.
Ton. La031

Mantra. Direction to mind
“o” mouth stimulates frontal lobe. Original Prana field betw navel and crown.

Shasta 2013-08-29

Increase the Links between intuition and perception.
Your symbolic identity does not apply.

Kriya – hands interlaced in front, jupiters up at mouth. Ton, looking at mudra.  Inhale (sip) mouth 4x exhale nose.
16 min.  La936
Stimulates intuitive process, integrates with perception.

Kriya –  gives awareness of surroundings.  Tolerance.
Jupiters up tight at sides.  Breathe”o” w diaphragm.  Eyes closed.   11 min.Nm427
Then, begin Breathing w navel.  11 min.  Inhale,tighten muscles on spine 3x.

Kriya – upside down nose. La001

Kriya – hands interlaced at chin, knuckles up.  Elbows out.  Bof “o”‘

Kriya- jupiters up at sides,curved.  Waheguru jio.  Nm373
Humee hum, bole so Nihal.
Kriya – left palm up at solar plexus. Tight hand on top,
Alm jo.  Touch thumb and saturn I rhythm with heart. Eyes at brow point..
Then sat nam waheguru (Indian) 1/30/75”

Kriya – right hand over left, 4 inches in front.  Inhale nose, exhale mouth, flexing spine.

Kriya – interlock pinkies, left thumb up, right thumb down. 1 min.  Whistle areas bhaee.

Shasta 2013-08-30

Work in the mind

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn, up at sides.  Aad such…bay such. Whisper.

Kriya. – right hand on left, level of throat.  Breathe through left nostril.

Kriya. – prayer pose at 45 deg. Thumbs crossed.  Sat nam harinam ,,,  la041
2x / breath.

Kriya – right palm over lefy pal, facing up at plexus.  Gobinde Gobinde Hari Hari

Kriya –  for fear of unknown.
Thumbs and mercury together at plexus pointing outward.  Inhale nose, exhale mouth, inhale mouth, exhale nose.  3 middle fingers together.

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn up at sides.  Toc. “o” mouth.
Then tantric Har.

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn up at sides, spread wide.  Shoulder blades back. Listen ONG namo.  7 1/2 min.  Then sing.  To 11 min.
Tch2005. 7/23/96

Kriya – la051. ONG kar

Kriya – la051. Ek ONG kar

Shasta 2013-08-31

Kriya – genie pose   Sat Sam hari nam harinam…   Opens heart with unfulfilment.  11-31 min.

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn intertwined, up at sides.  Toc.  Har.

Kriya – for telescopic perception. La 687
3 lines
Inner state of enlightenment
UnDifferentiate everything

Interlace hands, fingers straight, thumbs touch, elbows out, palms in.
Wind – use ra ma da sa sa se so hung. Vibrate in heart, throat, and thymus
Enlightenment same position.  Harinam sat nam harinam haree.  Chant from the source.
Undifferentiation – 7th chakra. Ek ONG Kar sat nam karta purkh…
Ajunee without consonants.
14 min. For 1 year.

Kriya – palms together, each in gyan mudra at heart.  8 step inhale nose. Exhale mouth.
Purify ourselves. La093.

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn up at sides, a little in front. Aap sahai hoa. Ton.  3rd eye Tch2408

Shasta 2013-09-01

Intuitive perception – integrate point on inner thigh  (body mandala)  with third eye and mantra Ek ONG Kar sat Hari.  La831

Spiritual beggar – left palm up at plexus, right hand out in front begging.  Toc.  No expectation.
Intuition gives rise to aspects in the mind.  If you give identity to them, superstion.
Intuition is integrating an experience in a synthetic way.  Every component reflects the whole experience.  Events of the whole are known by their relationships.

Kriya – la766.  Unload subconscious
Hands over left ear, right hand palm forward. Sing humee hum hum w tip of tongue.
Both hands over ears, sing Har haray haree.

Kriya – naad for opening intuition.  Fingers on pads, thumbs interlocked, palms forward at heart. Waheguru – diaphragm, first and second chakra.  3,4, use only nose. 5,6.  La159.

When you need intuition to work, fold arms an chant waheguru through nose 16x.

Kriya- rejection – clasp hands in ball over heart.  Chant Hari Har Hari Har… 8x/breath.
11-31 min

Kriya – for rejection nm345.  Stimulates  radiant body.
Arms straight out to sides. Palms rotate up and down.  Hold out straight. Har.
History is manifest as a resistance to the present moment.

Kriya -salameet – everlasting la697
Buddha mudra on lap.  Thumbs round.  Ldb.  Ton.  Invokes Prana.  7 min
Thumbs on mound of mercury.  Shake I horizontal circles at shoulders.  7 min.
Punch, eyes closed 4 min
Karl akal 4
Dance bangara 2 min

Shasta 2013-09-02

Kriya – gyan mudra hands facing front.  Inhale slow whistle, cannon exhale.  Nm336  11-21 min.  Reduces gap between thinking and doing.

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