Today: Advance cautiously

We must hold to our intentions through our deepest commitments and convictions. Those coming from our inner truth are worth the risk and must be carried out even if challenged by external powers.

Regardless of how diligently we ascribe to the established order of the cosmos, some part of the whole will take notice of our plans and actions and react to them as transgressions.  Others more powerful than we have staked out what they presume to be their own, and are very protective of their perceived dominion.

Still, personal actions coming from our broadest awareness may be perceived as harmless or even escape the notice of these narrow interests entirely.  In matters of grave importance, with profound consequences, our aggressive intent will be further supported by the comic tendency for balance.  Obstructions will yield and justice will have its due. Let it.


I Ching: Today

Author: harinam

Yogi, teacher, healer

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