Today: The urgency of the situation has reached a breaking point – from the I Ching

The urgency of the situation has reached a breaking point.  Pushing ahead in the current climate will lead to disaster.  A leader must bring to the table the wisdom of the ages.  Otherwise, all is lost.

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's translation of the I Ching
This indicates a type of man who in times of preponderance of the great insists on pushing ahead. He accepts no advice from others, and therefore they in turn are not willing to lend him support. Because of this the burden grows, until the structure of things bends or breaks. Plunging willfully ahead in times of danger only hastens the catastrophe.
Where men are to be gathered together, religious forces are needed. But there must also be a human leader to serve as the centre of the group. In order to be able to bring others together, this leader must first of all be collected within himself. Only collective moral force can unite the world.

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