Today: Be positive in your relations with people – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperBe positive in your relations with people.  Be friendly and do not intimidate with harshness.  On the other hand, do not seek empty pleasure.  With a correct balance your joy will be infectious and win over even stubborn, intractable people.

The text reads:
“The joyous mood is infectious and therefore brings success. But joy must be based on steadfastness if it is not to degenerate into uncontrolled mirth.
“A vain nature invites diverting pleasures and must suffer accordingly.   If a man is unstable within, the pleasures of the world that he does not shun have so powerful an influence that he is swept along by them. Here it is no longer a question of danger, of good fortune or misfortune. He has given up direction of his own life, and what becomes of him depends upon chance and external influences.
“[It is a situation where] one is handling wild, intractable people. In such a case one’s purpose will be achieved if one behaves with decorum. Pleasant manners succeed even with irritable people.


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