Today: Build your temple upon Truth… – from the I Ching

Build your temple upon Truth. It is a Center of Gravity. Like waters running to the sea, like an astronomical convergence of planets revolving around the sun, you should let the gravity of this Center draw you near. Others are also drawn to this Center, and among them you will find shared bonds and kindred spirits.
You are in a position to bring people together and lead them. At first there will be doubters and detractors, but your calm resolve will win even their hearts. Thunderous enthusiasm roars up from the masses when you strike a chord in their hearts. Rally your forces, and move boldly forward.

Don’t be fooled, and don’t fool others. Truth is very simple. Constantly defending the indefensible promotes controversy and then hatred. Through deception you can win supporters but then you are just building a house of cards. Speak from purity in your heart.

Author: harinam

Yogi, teacher, healer

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