Today: “Choose carefully whom you take on as a partner or consort with.  Consider the long range consequences.” – from the I Ching

Choose carefully whom you take on as a partner or consort with.  Consider the long range consequences.

Meditation: NM374 – 20001128 – Patience and Intuition

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The Thunderstorm inseminates the swelling Lake, then moves on where the Lake cannot follow:
The Superior Person views passing trials in the light of Eternal Truths.
Any action will prove unfortunate.
Nothing furthers.

This is at best a Marriage of Convenience.
You have found yourself in desperate straits, a position of weakness, and you are tempted to pay dearly for a remedy.
A drowning man isn’t picky about who throws him a rope.
The rescue offered to you now is undesirable.
It may pull you out of this sticky situation, but it will cause even greater predicaments down the road.
Don’t obligate yourself in this way.
You are selling your future for a quick fix today.

Thomas Cleary
“Marriage is an important matter for heaven and earth. If heaven and earth do not commune, nothing flourishes. Marriage is an end and a beginning for people. When she acts because of attraction, the one who is married is an immature girl. An expedition bodes ill because it is out of place; nothing is gained, for the weak rides on the strong.
There is thunder over a lake, symbolizing a young woman going to marry. Cultured people know what is wrong by reflecting on lasting results.

Excerpt From: Thomas Cleary. “I Ching.” Apple Books.

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