Today: – ”Confronted with obstacles, know the reality of the situation and your relation with it. ” – a reading from the I Ching

Confronted with obstacles, know the reality of the situation and your relation with it.  Do not avoid it.
If you rise to the occasion and truly apply yourself, others will follow your example and come to your assistance.
Be patient.

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#39, line 5, #2
The southwest is the region of retreat, the northeast that of advance. Here an individual is confronted by obstacles that cannot be overcome directly. In such a situation it is wise to pause in view of the danger and to retreat. However, this is merely a preparation for overcoming the obstructions. One must join forces with friends of like mind and put himself under the leadership of a man equal to the situation: then one will succeed in removing the obstacles. This requires the will to persevere just when one apparently must do something that leads away from his goal. This unswerving inner purpose brings good fortune in the end. An obstruction that lasts only for a time is useful for self-development. This is the value of adversity.
Difficulties and obstructions throw a man back upon himself. While the inferior man seeks to put the blame on other persons, bewailing his fate, the superior man seeks the error within himself, and through this introspection the external obstacle becomes for him an occasion for inner enrichment and education.
Here we see a man who is called to help in an emergency. He should not seek to evade the obstructions, no matter how dangerously they pile up before him. But because he is really called to the task, the power of his spirit is strong enough to attract helpers whom he can effectively organise, so that through the well-directed co-operation of all participants the obstruction is overcome.
THE FOUR fundamental aspects of the Creative (1) – “sublime success, furthering through perseverance” – are also attributed to the Receptive (2). Here, however, the perseverance is more closely defined: it is that of a mare. The Receptive (2) connotes spatial reality in contrast to the spiritual potentiality of the Creative (1). The potential becomes real and the spiritual becomes spatial through a specifically qualifying definition. Thus the qualification, “of a mare,” is here added to the idea of perseverance. The horse belongs to earth just as the dragon belongs to heaven. Its tireless roaming over the plains is taken as a symbol of the vast expanse of the earth. This is the symbol chosen because the mare combines the strength and swiftness of the horse with the gentleness and devotion of the cow.

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