Today: Joining together for mutual support – from the I Ching


Waters flow together on the face of the earth. The situation calls for joining together in common bond.  Everyone must ask whether he/she is capable of bearing great responsibility, has the greatness of spirit, consistency, and strength to hold the union together.  If you personally are not up to it, then you must support someone who is.  Give your support to those who bring together others for mutual support and who complement your nature.

In our communities and families we live among some who do not share our nature.  We must beware of being drawn into false intimacy through force of habit. Maintaining sociability without intimacy leaves us free to bond with those who share our spirit.

If we choose wisely then the the subtle bonds that hold us together will become the well and the constant source of nourishment for the community.  Otherwise, what we place our trust in can come up short to that end.

The text reads:
[Although] men may differ in disposition and in education, the foundations of human nature are the same in everyone. And every human being can draw in the course of his education from the inexhaustible wellspring of the divine in man’s nature. But here likewise two dangers threaten: a man may fail in his education to penetrate to the real roots of humanity and remain fixed in convention-a partial education of this sort is as bad as none- or he may suddenly collapse and neglect his self-development.

We are admonished to remain in touch with the Divine.


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