Today: Look to those with wisdom to help you to untangle the worldly confusion that came to you in early youth. – a reading from the I Ching

Look to those with wisdom to help you to untangle the worldly confusion that came to you in early youth.  Trusting that wisdom will encourage self trust and the power to contemplate.  Leave aside the many distractions that prompt you to act prematurely.  Grow the big mind in you.

See Yogi Bhajan’s quote.

Meditation: LA544 – 870610 – Know and Experience the Unknown

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Today: I Ching – Previous Readings

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's and subsequent translations of the I Ching

#4, line 5, #20

A fresh Spring at the foot of the Mountain:
The Superior Person refines his character by being thorough in every activity.
The Sage does not recruit students; the students seek him.
He asks nothing but a sincere desire to learn.
If the student doubts or challenges his authority, the Sage regretfully cuts his losses.
This is a time of interchange between a mentor and pupil.
Whether you are the teacher or the student, it is a time of companionship along a mutual path.
This hexagram also emphasizes the eternal, cyclical nature of the mentor/student relationship — a mentor is merely a more seasoned pupil, further along on the journey.
A pupil holds within himself the seed of a future Master.
Like a wide-eyed child, you wholly and naively trust the goodness of others.
Such honor brings out their best.
The situation marks a rising to new heights.
As you climb for a better view of the panorama, you make yourself more conspicuous to those below.
This hexagram is also known as the Watchtower, because the shape formed by its lines resembles the ancient guardposts manned by Chinese soldiers.
These towers were placed on mountainsides to give a better vantage point.
To those below, the watchtowers served as landmarks to help them find their way.
The quality of your search for clarity in this situation serves as such a guidepost for others along the Way.

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