Today: Reemergent Deception – from the I Ching


Just as in yesterday’s report of increased clarity, the same forces of late are at work trying to undermine that, again through deception.  This is especially insidious, as the deceived does not recognize the deception nor suspect the deceiver and the tales he spins.

The flow and ebb of consciousness will always bring about the presence of competing pressures. In this case, it is largely a polarity of clarity and deception.  The only remedy for this situation is through self discipline.

The I Ching text reads:
If an inferior element has wormed its way in, it must be energetically checked at once. By consistently checking it, bad effects can be avoided. If it is allowed to take its course, misfortune is bound to result; the insignificance of that which creeps in should not be a temptation to underrate it. A pig that is still young and lean cannot rage around much, but after it has eaten its fill and become strong, its true nature comes out if it has not previously been curbed.

The admonition is not to allow the wild pig to mature and become too destructive and unstoppable.  This is not a hopeless situation.  As we read yesterday, there is currently a tendency on the rise for the growth of order and clarity.  Fortunately, a potential tyrant can be restrained and kept in check through gentle persuasion, not of the tyrant, but by others who will be affected by his rise.

The text further suggests:
The situation is not unfavourable; there is a prospect of ultimate success, but there are still obstacles in the way, and we can merely take preparatory measures. Only through the small means of friendly persuasion can we exert any influence. The time has not yet come for sweeping measures. However, we may be able, to a limited extent, to act as a restraining and subduing influence. To carry out our purpose we need firm determination within and gentleness and adaptability in external relations.

Your influence is on the rise. Use it.  Shine like the sun.

This is where discipline is comes into play.  Refine your understanding of the situation.  Refine your projection towards others in light of what you know.  Work on your intuitive intellect. Try this meditation for the next 40 days.

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