Today: Chaos and confusion have yielded to order and clarity


A time of chaos has passed.  There is new order and clarity from an awakening to the glimmer of reality.  This awareness is new and fragile.  It is held in a delicate equilibrium that will take vigilance and discipline to maintain.  The various factions that represent a narrower vision will continue to put pressure on and distract some us from knowing who we are.  The flow and ebb of consciousness makes this inevitable.

This is the last stage of the cycle.  As the cosmic cycle begins anew, such distraction will produce attacks on your character.  Do not be too concerned.  Do not throw yourself away on the world, but wait tranquilly and develop your personal worth by your own efforts. Times change. When the six stages of the hexagram have passed, the new era dawns. That which is your own cannot be permanently lost. It comes of its own accord. You need only be able to wait.

Maintain the flexibility you have gained from the mistakes you have made.  Grow strong from the obstacles you have overcome.  Let go of everything that you depend on that is not you.  That sacrifice will allow you to press on and show others the Way.


I Ching: Today


Author: harinam

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