Today: “Share your inner clarity with the world through teaching, example and art.  Be like the midday sun.” – a reading from the I Ching

Share your inner clarity with the world through teaching, example and art.  Be like the midday sun.
See today’s quote from Yogi Bhajan.
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Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's and subsequent translations of the I Ching

#30, line 2, #14

Fire sparks more Flames:  The Superior Person holds an inner Fire that ignites passion in every heart it touches, until all the world is enlightened and aflame.
With so searing a flame, success will not be denied you. Take care to be as peaceful and nurturing as the cow in the meadow; you are strong enough to be gentle.
Glowing yellow warmth as if from the sun.
Supreme good fortune.
You have become an instrument of Heaven’s will, offering a balance in the world around you.
It is not swashbuckling prowess or uncanny talent that qualifies you for this office, but your simplest gifts — your modesty, your compassion, your economy.
Because you can see clearly who most needs a miracle, Heaven’s bounty is being put at your disposal.
A Promethean flame is delivering light and heat to the situation at hand.
This radiance will cause such an alchemical transformation of circumstances that the changes will seem magical, miraculous.
Yet they are only shifts of perspective and attitude that bring clarity.
The passions kindled by this fire must be harnessed and used judiciously, or they threaten to consume your hopes and dreams..  

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