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Understand and consider all options before you act. When form first emerges from the stillness it is largely undifferentiated without definite direction or momentum.  The formation of purpose and strategy is a difficult proposition in the face of infinite possibility.  It is required that you sit and contemplates so that your inspiration to act is informed by your intuition.  Then a successful course is assured.

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TIMES OF GROWTH are beset with difficulties. They resemble a first birth. But these difficulties arise from the very profusion of all that is struggling to attain form. Everything is in motion: therefore if one perseveres there is a prospect of great success, in spite of the existing danger. When it is a man’s fate to undertake such new beginnings, everything is still unformed, dark. Hence he must hold back, because any premature move might bring disaster. Likewise, it is very important not to remain alone; in order to overcome the chaos he needs helpers. This is not to say, however, that he himself should look on passively at what is happening. He must lend his hand and participate with inspiration and guidance.

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