Today: You Can Do Anything – from the I Ching

The time for action has come for accomplishing great tasks.  The path before you is being cleared and reward lies ahead.  Use all of your creative powers to manifest your intentions through your highest nature.  Awaken and help develop the higher nature of those around you.  The powers of heaven are there to support you.   You are seen by all.  You have become the mentor you have sought.  You’re it.

Your influence will lead to peace and harmony.  Obstacles are dissolved.  Anything you could ask for is right at hand.  If there could every be heaven on earth, this is it.

Today, two meditations:
1. NM0413 – Intuition and the Strength of Excellence
2. LA831 – Be Intuitive
Do at least one of them.  Your choice.

I Ching: Today

Author: harinam

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