Today:”Expand from within.  The universe is with you.  With clarity, see the big picture. ” – From the I Ching

Expand from within.  The universe is with you.  With clarity, see the big picture.

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#42, line 1, #20

Get ready to ride a tide of accelerated growth toward self-actualization.
A joyful awareness of the best within you, coupled with an acceptance of your Shadow, will provide a greater repertoire, a much bolder vision, and new depth and clarity that will compel you to expand your horizons.
The forces of the cosmos are cycling in your favor.  This is an ideal time for great progress and expansion in every endeavor.
The situation marks a rising to new heights.  As you climb for a better view of the panorama, you make yourself more conspicuous to those below.  This hexagram is also known as the Watchtower, because the shape formed by its lines resembles the ancient guardposts manned by Chinese soldiers.  These towers were placed on mountainsides to give a better vantage point.
To those below, the watchtowers served as landmarks to help them find their way.  The quality of your search for clarity in this situation serves as such a guidepost for others along the Way.

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