Today: “Consider selflessly the needs of the many in your actions.  Serve. Lead.” – From the I Ching

Consider selflessly the needs of the many in your actions.  Serve.  Lead.

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True fellowship among men must be based on a concern that is universal. It is not the private interests of the individual that create lasting fellowship among men, but rather the goals of humanity. That is why it is said that fellowship with men in the open succeeds. If unity of this kind prevails, even difficult and dangerous tasks, such as crossing the great water, can be accomplished. But in order to bring about this sort of fellowship, a persevering and enlightened leader is needed – a man with clear, convincing, and inspiring aims and the strength to carry them out.

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Today: “All your soul is promised by God is one chance.” Yogi Bhajan

“All your soul is promised by God is one chance. When the soul took the body and saw the karma and the domain, and it was coming to the planet Earth for practice, the soul resisted. He said, “No, I’m not going.” God said, “Why? What’s the problem? It’s a test. Don’t you want to pass it?” He said, “I want to pass it, but I don’t have the tools.” So God gave the mind. She said, “What is this damn thing?” He said, “Well, this is something. Like a swing, it can take you towards me or away from me 180 degrees. Take it, but be its master.” Yogi Bhajan