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Meditation and Healing Workshop at Healing Heart Center with Hari Nam Singh – November 16, 2014

You are welcome and invited to a meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Workshop at the Healing Heart Center.   We will meditate and practice topics we have been studying at the yoga centers and in classes with Guru Dev Singh.

In this workshop we will explore projection.  In our healing we use the meditative mind to project an intention to heal.  We constantly project our intentions in our relations with others and ourselves.  How we project and how effectively we project determines to a great degree how well our relationships with ourselves and others are working.

Come to heal and be healed.  Come with any level of healing experience.   There are no prerequisites other than an intention to heal.

The workshop will be held on Sunday, November 16, 10am-1pm
at The Healing Heart Center, 115 S Gramercy Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90004
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The suggested donation is $50.  Advance registration is helpful so we can better estimate how many people will be having lunch with us.  Chef Dev Atma Suroop Kaur is planning a delicious vegetarian meal which will be served after the course. If you wish to be informed of events involving Hari Nam, subscribe here. You may donate using Dwolla or,

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Modality: Healing with the Elements

The Elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether comprise our physical world.  The Prana of our mortal incarnation gathers them in combination while we live.  They are released when our Prana can no longer hold them and then we expire.  The approach of healing with the Elements seeks to bring them into balance when one or more of them are in excess or deficient.  Healing in this way  can apply to our physical system as well as to the way we relate with everything.

When we study the Elements as a healing modality we become aware of their presence and impact in relation with the healing event.  With our intention we can then modify the alchemical soup of the system and bring about balance.

Healing with Elements is fast and impactful, though not as precise as with other contemplative forms of healing.  It is used to produce quick and powerful results. Practicing this art will produce a deep knowledge of the nature of the Elements and help us to master them for the purpose of healing.

Look for the next workshop on this important modality.