Today: See through empty threats by adversaries.  Call them out.” – from the I Ching

See through empty threats by adversaries.  Call them out.

Meditation: LA046 – 780614 – Hari Shabad Meditation – Use the Wind to Produce Trance and Dissolve Negativity

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Tao Te Ching – Verse 37 – The Tao never does anything, yet through it all things are done

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26 – Twenty-Six  Ta Ch’u / Recharging Power

Heaven’s motherlode waits within the Mountain:
The Superior Person mines deep into history’s wealth of wisdom and deeds, charging his character with timeless strength.

Drawing sustenance from these sources creates good fortune.
Then you may cross to the far shore.


There are important precedents in this situation.
Others have trodden this Path before you, overcoming the same obstacles facing you now, and making crucial decisions at the same crossroads.
Study their journals, watch for their trail markings.
Gain inspiration and wisdom from the heroes and learn from the mistakes of those who chose a sidepath.
All were Seekers, explorers whose daring mapped a course you can follow.
The words and deeds of the finest can imbue you with the courage necessary to face what lies before you.

Six in the fifth place means:
The tusk of a gelded boar.
Good fortune.



Here the restraining of the impetuous forward drive is achieved in an indirect way. A boar’s tusk is in itself dangerous, but if the boar’s nature is altered, the tusk is no longer a menace. Thus also where men are concerned, wild force should not be combated directly; instead, its roots should be eradicated.
37 – Thirty-Seven  Chia Jên / Family Duties

Warming Air Currents rise and spread from the Hearthfire:
The Superior Person weighs his words carefully and is consistent in his behavior.

Be as faithful as a good wife.


One in this situation must be keenly aware of his influence on others.
Maintain a healthy respect for the ripple effect of your words and deeds.
To some you serve as a role model.
You can either help shape their world or tilt them into chaos.
Show temperance and consideration to all.

Today: “When you fold hands, you neutralize yourself energywise, and when you bow, your whole blood circulation goes toward the head.” – Yogi Bhajan

“When you fold hands, you neutralize yourself energywise, and when you bow, your whole blood circulation goes toward the head. When the magnetic field is neutral and the circulation goes to the head, the brain functions very well, even the dullest brain starts, becomes bright and active; that’s why in India, it was a custom that when you went to meet your great master or guru or beloved yogi, it was customary to bow to him and it was customary until he tapped on your back that you did not lift your head. What the great gurus used to do was when somebody came and bowed to them, they would take a friend and go on a long walk, and come back after six hours. If the person was still there, they would come and tap his back. They would say, “How are you?” He would say, “I am enlightened.” Naturally, six hours, six hours in that position could enlighten a dead person.” Yogi Bhajan

Meditation: NM0337-Bujung Kriya – For Wisdom and Understanding

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