Today: “There is no other way than to get out of the hole you are in.  Keep your balance and composure.”- from the I Ching

There is no other way than to get out of the hole you are in.  Keep your balance and composure.

See  Yogi Bhajan’s quote for today

and Tao Te Ching – Verse 32 – The Tao can’t be perceived. Smaller than an electron, it contains uncountable galaxies.

Meditation: The Positive Mind

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5 – Five  Hsü / Calculated Waiting

Deep Waters in the Heavens:
Thunderclouds approaching from the West, but no rain yet.
The Superior Person nourishes himself and remains of good cheer to condition himself for the moment of truth.

Great Success if you sincerely keep to your course.
You may cross to the far shore.


You must now endure this Dangling — either a carrot before your nose, or a sword above your head.
This strange mix of apprehension and anticipation is a Purgatory.
There is nothing more you can do to affect the outcome.
You must now submit to the Fates.

Six in the fourth place means:

The enemy is upon you.
You wait in blood, preparing yourself for their blows; but your own ability can see you through, if you stand your ground and maintain balance.

Waiting in blood.
Get out of the pit.

Deep pit

The situation is extremely dangerous. It is of utmost gravity now – a matter of life and death. Bloodshed seems imminent. There is no going forward or backward; we are cut off as if in a pit. Now we must simply stand fast and let fate take its course. This composure, which keeps us from aggravating the trouble by anything we might do, is the only way of getting out of the dangerous pit.

23 – Twenty-Three  Po / Splitting Apart

The weight of the Mountain presses down upon a weak foundation of Earth:
The Superior Person will use this time of oppression to attend to the needs of those less fortunate.

Any action would be ill-timed.
Stand fast.


This is a situation easily mistaken for Stagnation (Hexagram 12) or Revolution (Hexagram 49).
It just depends on which side you’re on.
During a time of Stagnation, human worms invade to feed on the decay.
During a time of Revolution, oppression is being overthrown.
But in this situation, oppressors are violently seizing power.
Pay special heed when you receive this hexagram, because the oracle is often warning you of a situation of which you are totally unaware.
You are about to be blindsided.

Today: “What is the difference between a man of God-consciousness and an individual man?” Yogi Bhajan

“What is the difference between a man of God-consciousness and an individual man? Men of God-consciousness are three people at the same time. Men of self-consciousness are also three people at the same time. The man of God-consciousness has God, his guru, and himself. The man of self-consciousness has himself, his ego, and his desire. It is a question of being limited and unlimited.” Yogi Bhajan

Meditation: LA877-19960604 – Self Realization

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