“Fargo” the Series – a short review

My wife and I just finished watching season 2 of Fargo.  I found it to be quite overwhelming.  It is unbelievably well written.  The story line was somewhat constrained by the actual events, but it was masterfully composed for maximum effect.  Only one event in season 2 showed the writers rebelling against their fate.  That was comical.

The two seasons tell the story of two generations of Sheriffs and their families in Minnesota who encounter the most outrageous and unlikely circumstances in their work.  The characters are interwoven seamlessly with the plot. They came alive.  No cartoons.

Prominent in their development was the portrayal of the choices they made in the face of outrageous circumstances.  Their moral fiber, loyalty, integrity and personal ambitions were challenged at every turn.  What they did in each instance was compelling to watch and made one wonder what would happen next.  Every choice was followed by consequences that became ever more complex and difficult to navigate.  The question became “who would survive life?”.

There were many stories within the story, a few of which went on to a rather predictable fate.  I was satisfied.

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  1. i will have to watch it again with another focus. watched it online a while ago and just recently found the DVDs on a flea market. lol. loved the music !

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