HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-01-11 – Basic Sat Nam Rasayan

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Ganesha Meditation: Just contemplate. Just observe everything that’s happening in your perceptive field. Allow the flow of your consciousness, sensations, and perceptions to happen.
Time: 3 minutes

So it feels as though you’re in a different place now. Everything looks different.

We need to be aware of our awareness. We wish to stabilize the position of our awareness in the aspect of awareness known as the Projective Meditative Mind. In that position of awareness our consciousness becomes transcendent, and we can project an intention to heal. We manifest the intention in relation with that which we wish to heal. We practice becoming aware. We do Meditation so that we can begin to be aware of where our awareness is, of the areas of flow or lack of flow of consciousness.

We heal in relation. We have a perception of only ourself. We can be aware of how we’re affected by that with which we choose to relate.

We know anything because we can feel it. We are affected by everything. We tune our awareness so that then the most subtle sensations can be detected in us.

We look to see how the perception can change.

The Principle of Sat Nam Rasayan®: When there’s a change in consciousness, there’s a change in the event.

You learn this healing by your experiencing something. In that experience you’ll begin to see what you can do. It becomes apparent to you that you can heal.

Start to renounce what you preconceive about anything. Our perceptions go to beyond anything superficial. If we recall a memory or a body of knowledge, those preconceptions can be obstacles.

Just perceive directly what’s going on. As your perceptions more closely reflect what’s happening with your event, you lose all differentiation between “me” and “other.” You can have direct perception of what’s happening in the relation. There’s no third-party, objective referee for reality.

The only obstacle is your preconceptions and your emotional reactions to something. We don’t need to believe anything. There is nothing we need to believe. The only formulas are in the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. It is not necessary for us to believe in order to heal in this way.

In our awareness everything will be shown to us as it is.

When we hold a belief, we think there’s a predictability with that. Belief is what happens to you when you don’t have enough information.


Round One: Open the space. Come into relation with your partner’s diaphragm. Set the intention to relax your partner’s diaphragm. Become aware of the Silence and Emptiness that exists among and within all the the activity. Allow all the resistances to dissolve into the Silence and Emptiness. Come to conclusion.

We let the Silence do the heavy lifting.

Round Two: (Repeat of the process in Round One….) Come into relation with your partner’s feet….

Round Three: Open the space. Migrate your awareness to your First Chakra. Pull and hold a slight Mulbandh. Come into relation with your partner’s feet. Now become aware of the flow of your thoughts. Becomes aware of the discontinuities in the flow of your thoughts. Become aware of the Silence and Emptiness that exists in the discontinuities. Allow all the resistances to dissolve into the Silence and Emptiness in the discontinuities. Come to conclusion.

You were a little out there on that one. Just let the reference be whatever is happening right now.

Round Four: Open the space. Come into relation with your partner’s armpits. Be aware of the effect of that relation on your thoughts, on your mind, on your entire perceptive field. Be aware of the Silence and Emptiness that exists within and among all the activity. Allow all the resistances to dissolve into the Silence and Emptiness. Come to conclusion.

You begin to have some experience of how your partner’s armpits relate with your partner’s endocrine glands, nervous system, mind, and emotions. They are how they are. Everything is part of this ElectroMagnetic Field, which is the interdependency of everything. We can include all parts of our perception, and go beyond the physical. It’s important that we’re not preconceiving something. The armpit is one of the most important confluences. Healing from inside the armpit is quite a powerful gesture. Don’t interpret or explain.

We’re more effective not being in our habitual forms that we assume apply to everything and with which we’re comfortable. We give up our forms that we impose on our perception. We’re giving up our attachment to all the things with which we’re familiar to have new perceptions. Then what we perceive is a more comprehensive and complete system of that with which we’re relating.

You are merging so that then there is no separation and no differentiation between you and your Tiny Pet. When the merging is really complete, it can be scary; however, we can deal with that. Contain the intensity through practicing Kundalini Yoga so that your nervous system doesn’t freak out, and you can handle this awareness.

You have your own tendencies, perhaps a chronic backache. In the relation you will be affected in how your back feels. It’s okay if that happens. If that perception of your backache begins to alter so that you forget that you have a backache, then something has happened in the relation; and your partner has forgotten something.

Your perception is real. As your perception amplifies, there’s always more. Our goal is to have a direct perception of an absolute field without our anxiety. Our bodies and our personalities make up our mandala that reflects that with which we’re relating.

If you jump into a swimming pool, something will happen. You don’t have to try to feel wet in water; it just happens. Being in a merged state of consciousness, something will happen; and you will become aware of something.

I’ll teach a Sat Nam Rasayan® Workshop that will be a Sequel Workshop at my home on Saturday, February 4th.

Let’s close.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

Author: harinam

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