HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-01-18 – Vital Point

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Innocent Thumbs Meditation: Contemplate the mind. Contemplate the flow of your consciousness. Allow every part of your experience, including anything that is uncomfortable. Don’t judge your experience. Don’t reject any part of your experience. — Time: 11 minutes

So do you feel a little more neutral now, that it’s less noisy in there, and that your subconscious is less prone to influence you now? That Meditation tends to quiet the subconscious so that it loses the power of its effect to seduce you.

In Sat Nam Rasayan®, we heal by choosing to relate with an event that we wish to heal. We have some perception of that relation in our field of perception. If we’re able to stabilize the Projective Meditative Mind, then our perception that we’re holding represents our relation with our event. We set an intention to heal, and then there are changes in our perception. Healing happens through stabilizing our Projective Meditative Mind. There are a lot of components and dimensions to our perception. Our perception reflects how we’re relating.

There is a property of our perception that helps us to be more efficient in our healing. We can allow the whole field of perception to be represented by one Point of our perception, one aggregate tendency. If we can do that and then modify through our intention that single Point of perception, that’s like having a big lever. Then the whole structure that supports the condition that we’re healing collapses. That is the Vital Point.

We allow the possibility that there is some Vital Point that supports the structure of what we’re healing. Our perception modifies, and healing happens. One Point represents a whole lot more, and so the healing can be more effective and efficient.

You may be surprised at what you can do.

With our intention we can have an effect on our perception and modify our event.

Now we’ll practice, allowing for the possibility of a Vital Point and work with that.

We don’t have to make any sense. You don’t have to remember, to learn, or to believe anything. In the practice something happens.

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Open the space. Take your partner. Come into relation with your partner’s Throat Chakra. Become aware of the dominant resistances. Now recognize the dominant tendency of the structure that is holding your attention. Contemplate that. Keep following the dominant resistance. Look inside that, and start to examine it more closely. Now allow for the possibility of a Vital Point. Now clarify this Point, and release these resistances. Come to conclusion.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

You start by finding what is dominating and holding your attention. You recognize some tendency that is holding your attention. Contemplate that. Then that will produce new perceptions to replace everything that was there. You’re relating with some particular resistance. Then you follow that resistance and what it produces in your perceptive field. Your perception becomes more precise as you go deeper into the structure. You choose to relate in a new way, and then see what perception that brings. Your perceptions include your thoughts, emotions, and uncomfortable feelings. Keep going inside, giving space to everything, and choosing to relate more intimately.

Some really strong opinion may have formed that dominates as the strongest resistance. Look inside that. Don’t reject it. Don’t push. Start to examine more closely.

Everything happens inside of us. All we can feel is ourselves.

Completely allow the experience to manifest in the flow. Don’t interpret or describe. Don’t judge the experience by referring to something else. A previously acquired body of knowledge is resistance.

Is the resistance coming from me or my partner? In this process we’re losing our differentiation between “me” and “the event” so that we can have a direct experience of the event.

Don’t judge. It is more efficient to let go of all our preconceptions.

The content of our perception doesn’t matter.

There may be a whole paradigm of opinions. Start to contemplate the things that happen. Keep allowing. Renounce your preconceptions. Contemplate the resistances.

Contemplation is not reacting and allowing everything. Contemplation triggers our own resistances in us, our own stuff.

We start off by contemplating the whole structure. Then we narrow that down to one Point of perception, the Vital Point. Then we follow that, and deal with what we have. Then we clarify this Point, and release these resistances. That’s a good healing. Then you can get on to the next thing.

It’s not necessary to question where it came from. Don’t interpret. We keep releasing our own reactions. The healing happens when we’re not reacting. When we’re in a merged state of consciousness, something new is allowed to happen. We change the consciousness so that the consciousness that held something isn’t there anymore. The condition is a result of a cycle of reinforcing. Breaking out of that reaction allows a new experience.

The Tiny Pet has her own perception. The same consciousness is being affected. When the consciousness has broken free of something, the Tiny Pet may then feel differently about that. The Tiny Pet may say, “Everything seemed gray, and then it turned blue.” That’s fine.

You can really trust your perception. That’s your reality. There’s no third-party, objective observer-judge. What happens, happens.

After the healing session ask your Tiny Pet, “How do you feel?” Keep bringing it back to the perception and the experience.

If your Tiny Pet has been diagnosed with a specific disease, you relate with your Tiny pet and see what’s going on in the relation. We know the Tiny Pet is experiencing suffering and pain as a result of that diagnosis. Don’t go someplace driving the train. We’re riding the train of awareness. Then whatever happens is real.

When your perception has changed, healing happens. It’s not necessary anymore to hold on to your preconceptions.

We’ll close class now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

We have a remote healing request for Ma Jaya from one of her students. She has been experiencing distress in her digestive system.

We’ll do a group healing for Ma Jaya now…. Okay.

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