HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-02-01 – The Visual Field

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Welcome to Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Class. We learn in practicing healing how our mind works. We heal through our awareness. We position our awareness in some way that allows us to project an intention to heal into whatever relationship we hold with whatever we intend to heal. To prepare ourselves, we Meditate. We stabilize the Projective Meditative Mind, and in that way we allow something to happen.

We allow everything in a way that is nonreactive. Illness, pain, and suffering are held because of reactivity that perpetuates conditions that have tendencies to behave in ways that are predictable and habitual. We allow the flow of experience so that something new can happen.

When we relate with something in a way that reduces our differentiation, our consciousness is shared. We don’t necessarily have the same experience. Our differentiation diminishes in this process. As we don’t react, something new is allowed to happen. The system becomes more balanced.

The only way to learn this Tradition of healing is through our experience.

There is something that is common to everybody in a group. The psyches tend to become interlocked, and there is a commonality in the flow of consciousness. The position of everybody’s awareness stabilizes in a way that has to do with the group.

There are people with varying degrees of experience here in this class today. The more experienced people have a more influential weight in the group, and are more influential in the consciousness of the group.

Don’t worry. Just go along with everything that happens inside of you. Nothing happens outside us. Our perception happens inside us. We are the source of our own perceptions. We can feel only ourselves.

We are affected by everything in our awareness and consciousness. We know how we’re affected by something.

Give up all your preconceptions about everything that you think you know.

We don’t need to heal with our anxiety. Don’t judge your experience. Include and allow everything that feels good, wrong, or bad. Don’t react.

This process works very quickly. It is useful to allow our awareness to stabilize.

Meditation To Help You To Say Hello To Your Intuition:
The hands are on the knees, in Gyan Mudra.
Close the eyes, and look in the direction of the tip of the nose.
The tip of the tongue is held in the back of the mouth, up on the soft palate.
The chest is forward, not caved in.
The chin in tucked.
Sit straight. Don’t move. Sit very still.
Let every movement that appears in you go into Stillness. Let every tendency that appears in you go into Stillness. Just experience whatever comes up in your mind. Let everything that feels right and everything that feels wrong happen. Don’t judge your experience.
Remaining very still will increase the pressure and intensity and wanting to move.
Our work here is to allow our nervous system to contain the intensity and to go through the experience.
Time: 21 minutes
To conclude: Inhale; keep the chin tucked; squeeze the spine; squeeze every muscle in your body; exhale — 3x

As you develop your intuition, you cultivate a Second Sight and begin to see through your intuition.

I’ll teach a Workshop this Saturday on the topic of “Using Your Sight To Heal.”

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Open the space. Move your awareness to your First Chakra. Pull and hold a very light Root Lock. Become aware of the tendency to hold on and to form opinions. Now find and localize within you your partner’s tendency to want to jump out of the experience. Keep your awareness in your First Chakra, and include your partner’s tendency. Allow all the discomforts, pressures, distractions, and resistances. Now become aware of the sensations produced by the light that is coming in through your closed eyelids. Allow the perceptions in your First Chakra to be affected by the sensations in your Visual Field. Allow the sensations in your Visual Field to be affected by the perceptions in your First Chakra. Allow an interaction of those sensations and perceptions. Continue to be aware of your partner’s tendency to want to jump out of the experience. Allow all the discomforts, pressures, distractions, and resistances. With your intention modify the tendency to bring it to neutral. Come to conclusion.

It’s okay that all the discomforts don’t disappear. Our job is just to be aware of how the discomfort does change, and to be aware of the new ways we can relate with it.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

We can use these Exercises and Meditations to recognize that we’re always having an experience, and allow ourselves to stabilize the Projective Meditative Mind that we’ve started to cultivate. Then our intention can modify our experience. Then everything will come into alignment with our intention to heal.

We contemplate and observe our perceptive field. Any modification that happens and any pressure that changes starts to release the tendencies so that the Tiny Pet is then free to live independently of and not captive by the tendencies. We allow new outlets to reduce the tendencies.

You are always having some experience. You can relate with anything through that experience in that moment. We heal through that experience, and change something. We can know that something happens.

When you meet somebody and experience tension or if there is conflict with a person that produces tension and compression, allow the feelings to be expressed in the moment. Then things start to smooth out, and the relation with that person is changing. Something that both of you were holding starts to get released. We feel that tangibly with people. In the first encounter with a person, the rapport changes and the flow becomes better as a result of changing both of your tendencies.

We’ll finish class now. We’ll say, “Hello” to the Earth.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

Author: harinam

Yogi, teacher, healer