HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-02-08 – The Visual Field

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Next week I’ll be out of town. Lou Nelson will probably be here to teach this class next Wednesday.

Now we’ll do a really good Meditation for knowing whereby you can perceive the psyche of the other:
Grab the left thumb with the right hand so that the right palm is wrapped around the left thumb. The fingers of the left hand rest on the outside of the right hand. The hands are in the lap.
The eyes are closed, looking at the bridge of the nose.
Contemplate. Watch the flow of your consciousness.
Begin to feel as though your nose is inverted, reversed: that the tip of the nose is where the bridge is, and the bridge of the nose is where the tip is.
Recite silently to yourself the Mantra, “Sa Ta Na Ma.”
Time: 11 minutes
To conclude: Inhale; hold the breath; stretch the spine; squeeze; tuck the chin; feel the space that you just created in this Meditation. Exhale. Relax.

That hand Mudra and the eyes in that position puts pressure on the Third Eye, develops and opens the Third Eye, and stabilizes the Meditative Mind. We can recall the experience of the space that that Meditation puts us in.

The Meditation had the effect of linking the individual psyches into the whole group. Meditating is easier in a class situation because we all interlock with the group psyche.

We’re here to work on developing our Projective Meditative Mind, which is essential in order to use our consciousness to project an intention to heal. We heal with our intention through our awareness.

Just stay in the space that we’ve developed here. Don’t worry about not understanding. Resistances are on top of our experience. Just do it.

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Remember the space of the Meditation. You can put your eyes into the same position and silently repeat the Mantra to yourself to help to recall that space of the Meditation. Place your awareness in your Third Eye space. Now also become aware of the sensations of light that come in through your closed eyelids. Allow the perceptions in your Third Eye space to affect and interact with the sensations of light. Allow the sensations of light to affect and interact with the perceptions in your Third Eye space. Allow all your sensations and perceptions to form a single, unified field of perception. Come into relation with your partner’s attachment to resistance to change. Be aware of the effect on your field of perception. Now become aware of the Silence that exists among and within all the resistances, distractions, pressures, and discomforts. Allow the sensation of the Silence to affect all the dark corners, all the stuck places, everything that is hidden. Just feel everything that you feel. Allow all the resistances to go into the Silence. Use your intention to modify the tendency to bring it to neutral. Come to conclusion.

In the course of the process of doing this, things can come up. Just feel that in its elemental form.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

Round Three (Elizabeth, Roopmeet Kaur, Helen, Jennifer, and Sat Akal Kaur — down): Repeat of Rounds One and Two….

Round Four (Siri Seva Singh, Hari Simran Kaur, Sanjiwan Singh, Japneet Singh, and Robert — down): Repeat of Rounds One, Two, and Three….

Intention is just consciousness. Intention doesn’t have weight, mass, or momentum.

We can choose how we hold our consciousness, and how we relate. We relate by not reacting, not pushing, just allowing.

When we set an intention to heal, what we relate with will begin to heal in that way.

We don’t have to refer to an outside standardized mechanism. The results will show up in your Tiny Pet’s experience.

So everybody is okay, pretty spaced.

Before you go out and hit the streets, engage in conversation and come back to Earth.

I’ll see you back here in this class in two weeks.

We’ll close class now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

Author: harinam

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