HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-05-30 – Electromagnetic Field

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Let’s Meditate.

Meditation To See Your Soul With Your Third Eye (fingers around the nose — Har Har Gobinday….) — 11 minutes

As you are expanding your space, your Third Eye is opening more.

So we heal through our awareness. Awareness comes from our perception. We know how we’re affected by something.

The Electromagnetic Field is part of consciousness. The Electromagnetic Field is the interdependency of everything. When something moves someplace, something else is affected.

When we propose to heal, we become aware in some way of how the Electromagnetic Field is working in ourselves. Today we’ll do exercises with the Electromagnetic Field.

The Electromagnetic Field is the basis for Resonance, when one thing affects another. When you heal something, that affects everything in your partner’s environment. The Electromagnetic Field allows this to happen.

Everything we do is through experience. If you experience something, that’s good.

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Open the space. Become aware of the points of perception, points of intensity, and points of stimulation in your Field of Perception. Now become aware of the discontinuity that exists between the points of perception, points of intensity, and points of stimulation. Now become aware of the Silence that exists in the space in the discontinuities. Now place your awareness in your navel. Now allow your awareness to be in the skin in the area of your navel. Allow the skin in the area of your navel to be your organ of perception so that all your perceptions and sensations are perceived by the skin in the area of your navel. Now come into relation with your partner. Allow the sensation of the Silence that exists in the space of the discontinuities to expand in your space. Come into relation with your partner’s feet. Become aware of the areas of flow and the areas of lack of flow in your space. With your intention increase the flow in those areas with a lack of flow. Now become aware of the flow from the bottom of the right foot into the bottom of the left foot. Use your intention to increase the flow. Now come into relation with your partner’s hips. Become aware of the flow from the right hip into the left hip. Be aware of however you are aware of the sensation of that flow, whether you have a sensation through your heart or in your mind. Set the intention to increase the flow from the right hip into the left hip. Allow the resistances to your intention to resolve into the Silence. Come to conclusion.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

Round Three: Repeat of Rounds One and Two….

We become aware of our own Field of Perception. If we choose to relate with our intention with something, then our Field is modified.

Using the Silence is the best way to find a place we’re not reactive. We allow the perception to change.

The intention to heal affected the flow between the feet and the flow between the hips. That’s what happened.

By relating from the vantage of the Silence, we can effectively project the intention.

If we feel the flow in our mind, that’s our Field.

We can give our attention to some specific part of our Field. We practice letting it be as it is, containing the experience.

If something feels wrong, that’s an experience of a resistance. Just allow it.

If you decide to do something and that feels right, then it’s right.

You are using your intuition, not counter to the flow. You are modifying the flow according to your intuition.

Resonance is a broader consideration. When we consider the Resonance of things, we include the secondary effects. What happens includes the consequences. Everything involves Resonance in some way.

I’ll teach a Sat Nam Rasayan® Workshop on the Modality of Resonance this Saturday, June 2nd, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at my home.

As your perception is changing, the quality of your experience feels different.

When I sat and listened to Yogi Bhajan, he was touching all these points in the Electromagnetic Field. I would come out of his class having an experience that corresponded to his intention to let the Teachings manifest in some configuration.

We use our own internal receptors to find a gauge of what’s happening, to perceive whether there’s a resistance, to know what needs to be healed. You are looking with your intuition at your Perceptive Field, which includes your intuitive intellect, the whole thing altogether.

Yogi Bhajan said that using our intuition is the only way that we’ll survive in this world as we now have information overload, and there’s no end to the incoming onslaught of information. Using our intuition is how we can navigate and survive in this world.

The Electromagnetic Field is how consciousness is interrelated. What you do here will affect something on the other side of the world.

All the stuff that’s showing up on the California coastline from Japan has increased the radiation level here to 10 times the normal level; and the official line is, “But there’s no problem.”

Tuna fishing is a great sport. If a fisherman catches 4 tunas, that produces 1,000 pounds of fish. Most of what they catch will be canned. If the fisherman knows a sushi chef, maybe he will buy the tuna.

Okay. Let’s close class now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

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