HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-10-03 – Intuitive Intellect

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Let’s do the Meditation For The Intuitive Intellect:
The elbows are held at the ribs. The palms of the hands face toward the face, out in front of the shoulders.
Chant the Mantra: “Humee Hum Brahm Hum.”
On both hands, on “Humee” the thumb and the Mercury finger touch; on “Hum” the thumb and the Saturn finger touch; on “Brahm” the thumb and the Jupiter finger touch; and on the final “Hum” the thumb and the Mercury finger touch. We’re skipping the Sun finger.
Close the eyes 9/10, and focus at the tip of the nose.
As you’re sitting in Easy Pose and doing this Meditation, you’re moving the knees up and down. Move your knees up and down while you’re chanting and moving your fingers.
Time: 11 minutes
To finish: Inhale deeply, hold the breath, exhale, and relax.

Okay. Let’s get started. Find partners.

Healing Exercises
Round One: Take your partner. Open the space. Now with the hand that is not touching your partner, hold the thumb and the Mercury finger together. Become aware of the space of the Field between your hands. Become aware also of the relative Force of Gravity in both the hands. Choose to relate with your partner, and in particular with your partner’s Hara, which is about 2 inches below the Navel. Relate with your partner’s Hara through the space of the Field between your hands. Set the intention that you allow your partner’s Hara to maximize the Flow of Prana. Relate with the space of the Field between the hands, and bring the hands into balance, and the sensation of the Force of Gravity in the two hands. Come to conclusion, and switch with your partner.

Round Two: Take your partner. Open the space. On one of your hands hold the thumb and the Mercury finger, the little finger, together. Become aware of the Field that develops between your hands. Become aware of the Field between your hands, and place your awareness there. Feel the relative Force of Gravity in your two hands. Set the intention that you will relate with your partner’s Hara, which is about 2 inches below the Navel and is the source of your partner’s Prana. Relate with that, sitting in the Field between your hands. Feel everything that is happening in the relation with your partner’s Hara. Keep your awareness centered in the space in the Field between your hands. Relate with the intention to maximize the Flow of Prana in your partner’s Hara. Become aware of the sensation of the relative Force of Gravity in your hands and between your hands. With your intention use the Field of your hands to maximize the Prana. Come to conclusion. Switch with your partner.

Round Three: Take your partner. Open the space. Begin to move your awareness to your armpits. Allow your armpits to become your primary perceptive organ. Recognize your partner in the space. Research your space in relation with your partner. Find some aspect of your space relating with your partner and heal that. Shift the sensations of your Sensitive Field toward the sensations of your Mind, and consider how they’re reflected there, connecting everything to your armpits. Release the resistances in the Mind. Come to conclusion and switch.

Round Four: Open the space. Center your awareness in your armpits. Feel what is stimulated in your entire Field by doing that, including the mental sensations, emotional sensations, and physical sensations. Allow your armpits to be your primary organ of perception. Choose to relate with your partner. Using the Field of the space of your armpits, find the most dominant resistance. Relate with that in that space. Contemplate it. Give your attention to your Perceptive Field. Find the point of the maximum resistance in the space in the relation with your partner. Contemplate it. Come to conclusion.

So that was an exercise in giving attention to the mental aspects of our Perceptive Field. It may have felt unstable because we were more aware of all the activity going on. We have a tendency that we like to think that we can control the mind. It doesn’t really work that way. We can allow the flow of our experience of our mental processes, observe them, and resolve all our reactions to it. That will then increase the intensity. Doing this has more intensity than just being in the Sensitive Field and feeling your body. Feeling the mind has a lot of leverage, and the tendencies are very strong. Resolving those tendencies produces a big intensity because the tendencies are so strong to control the mind. You start feeling it again in the body. Even though you’ve shifted attention somewhat to the mental processes, the body then starts to become very visible and prominent again. It’s hard to contain. It feels as though you’re riding a bull when you’re really in your mind and contemplating there, which is completely okay. We try not to reject our experience, and to include everything in the experience.

The Meditation that we did today was for the Intuitive Intellect. Hopefully that gave a little more vision to the perceptions. It helps us to recognize more what the sensations are, not necessarily what they mean, and to relate with them more clearly. It’s a mysterious thing to talk about. We just have to go there. We would like to move from perceiving with just the Sensitive Field, and perceiving through the Field that includes everything in the mind and also the emotions. When all of them are working, the experience becomes very clear and very intense. It will suggest things to our intellect that we didn’t recognize before. It will suggest to us what we know. That’s how we can know. We’ll recognize something in the way that it’s suggested to us through our intellect. We’ll probably work some more with this in future weeks. It’s always being taught.

At Guru Dev Singh’s Sat Nam Rasayan® Retreat at Mount Shasta, the approach was more with using the Visual Field; and we also did that in my Workshop a few weeks ago. We’ll revisit that one, too.

We can shift our perceptions from the Sensitive Field to the Visual Field. That’s a simple process to do once you stimulate your Third Eye and start to use that as your basis for your Second Sight and stimulate the visual processes, which then become something that you can examine as though you’re seeing it. We’ll also include the Visual Field.

Don’t be frustrated. Do the Innocent Thumbs Meditation for 11 Minutes, looking at the tip of the nose, breathing normally, and contemplating the mind. You’ll have an experience of riding the mind like a bull. It gives us an experience of the subconscious and how we’re being affected by the subconscious, and recognizing the subconscious in some way that we don’t have to engage it in a way that we believe it, interact too much with it, and or let it control us. It’s really a good Meditation to become independent of that, to give some space to it, and to start to lose that tendency that we have to reject certain parts of our experience just because it’s uncomfortable, or we don’t agree with it, or it seems wrong. “I’m not supposed to be doing this. Why is my mind doing this to me?” We can just include all of that happening, and get over it. This Meditation is very good for that. That’s why we do that Meditation a lot in this class. It’s very effective. When you do that, you can start to do almost anything. We start to lose our prejudices about the mental structures that we’re perceiving. We have a lot of prejudice.

Thoughts just happen. Even if you think that you’re controlling your mind, thoughts are still just happening, more than we can count or keep track of; so we might as well just enjoy the flow and let it happen.

Okay. We’ll just finish.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

Was what we were doing today sufficiently uncomfortable? There was a lot of discomfort in that. I thought that was good.

(Sanjiwan Singh served handmade chocolate balls that Kulmeet had taught him how to make at the Mount Shasta Retreat. Yum!…)

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