Meditation: LA571 890214 Let Go of Your Limitations

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles February 14, 1989

1. Place the hands behind the body, lean back 30° drop your head back. Open your mouth and with his mouth open, inhale and exhale long and deep from the mouth.  4 min.2.  Now do breath of fire through the mouth.  2 min.




3.  Sitting in Easy Pose, meditate, and meditate on your limits.  Find how to let go of your limitations.  Letting go is the problem. You have to learn to do it otherwise you will never get to your destination “infinity.”


Listen to Har Nar Waheguru by Nirinjan Kaur.  34 min.

4.  Sing Har Nar Waheguru 3 min.



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