Meditation: LA051-780907 – Tune the Vagus Nerve to Cosmic Consciousness

Relax the arms down with the elbows bent. Raise the forearms up and in toward each other until the hands meet in front of the heart center. Interlace all the fingers and the thumbs and lock them tightly together.

Eyes are 1/10 open.

There are two mantras that may be used for this kriya. Both are chanted in a monotone in a continuous unbroken rhythm with no pause at the end of each repetition


First mantra: ONG KAAR.  Chant evenly in a 3-beat rhythm, Ong (one) Kar (two-three).

Second mantra: EK ONG KAAR.  Chant evenly in a 4-beat rhythm, Ek (one) Ong (two) Kar (three-four).

Both mantras must be pronounced properly and their rhythm must be kept constant. Do not strike the upper palate of the mouth with the tongue. There is a natural tendency to speed up the EK ONG KAAR mantra. Overcome this tendency.

The harder the hands are pressed together, the more you will automatically start feeling great. The tongue creates a pressure inside the mouth that pushes air up against the upper palate. The key to the mantras is to not touch the upper palate. When chanting Ek and Kar, keep the “k” in the soft palate area towards the back of the mouth. When chanting Kar, the tip of the tongue stays flat for the “r” sound. Don’t let it curl up and touch (retroflex) like is done in some mantras. If the tongue strikes the upper palate, the delicate and subtle balance inside the mouth is destroyed. Unless the mantras are pronounced properly the proper stimulation in the brain and mind due to air pressure on the upper palate will not be achieved and the desired results will not be complete. EK is infinite light. ONG KAR is the vehicle that carries everything, the infinite light and creativity of God. ONG KAR is the stimulus of the magnetic field of the cosmic consciousness into the definite finite one. With this meditation the central vagus nerve is tuned up.
Chanting Ong Kar continuously stimulates the hormones. Chanting Ek Ong Kar tunes the vagus nerve, which in turn tunes up everything around and within.
11 min with each mantra.


Ong Kar…Ek Ong Kar

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