Meditation: LA918 970908 Internal Effectiveness

Yogi Bhajan – LA918 – September 8, 1997  



 Put right hand on top of left shoulder, led hand flat against the back.  Keep your posture.  Chest out, chin in, spine straight so that energy and spinal serum flow freely.  Close the eyes, breathe long and deep.  Inhale deeply, hold as long as you can, exhale long.  Do this very consciously without any rhythm.  11 min.

Switch sides.  Do for 11 min.




Inhale, put arms out so sides at 60 deg,chin up, face up, praying to Almighty God. 3 min.





Put hands on heart, right over left.  Contemplate. 7 min.




Put hands on lap, left under, right over.  Sing Har Har Har Har Gobinde…  Use GuruShabad Singh version.  3 min

Har Har Har Har Gobinde

See full transcript LA918-970908-Internal-Effectiveness

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