Meditation: LA819 950109 Eliminate Brain Fatigue

LA819-1Funky swimming.  With hands facing each other in front. bring right hand up and out to side, then back around to center.  Left hand down and in, then back around to center.  Keep going at a fast pace.  Feel the hands, feel the brain.  9 min. LA819-2 Extend arms up 60 deg to right, palms together.  Hold position.  3 min. Extend arms up 60 deg to left, palms together.  Hold position.  3 min. LA819-3 Inhale, interlock infers above the head, stretch, squeeze, exhale. 3x. 819-4
Lock hands in front at Thymus, left hand on outside.  Pull them apart with great strength, but hold them together.  Breathe in, hold, breathe out, 3x. 819-5 Stretch legs in front, cross ankles and try to pull them apart.  3x on each side, with a count of 16. Grip the hands again and cross the ankles, inhale, pull, to a count of 16, exhale.  2x

LA819-850109-Eliminate-BraiLA819 950109 Eliminate brain fatigue series

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