Lecture: LA860 – 960131 – Increase the Flow of the Earth Within You

From Library of Teachings 1996-01-31


This class is going to be very long, is there anybody who has to go and meet the baby sitter after nine?
So in a compassionate feeling for a mother I can stop, today I am teaching you the cognizance of your brain, which you do not know, so I am very relaxed. Oh, my healer has come, wow! Hi, superman, how are you here? You are everywhere and you know her, Elsa? Elsa, can you stand? She is here too, Elsa is a healer, she is fifty-two. She lives in Canary Islands, if you want to runaway from anybody you can go there and she has a house there and she is a healer. I am grateful to her because when I went to Germany going to India, I was not well and she works steadily sixteen to eighteen hours on week. This woman can massage and heal, standing on you for eighteen to twenty hours at a stretch. Non-stop. Well, I have seen lot of miracles because, I am a yogi. But this one I can’t explain she is my guest for two weeks. And then there is a man who doesn’t do a thing, just touch you and you are healed. Have you seen his touch?

(Students laughter)

Gurudev stand up, today you deserve that honor, give them hands please.

(Students’ clap)

Gurudev learnt Sat Nam Rasayan from long time, the principle in Sat Nam is to take the magnetic field of the red corpuscle cells, go mentally in, and straighten it out. It is the real power of the mind over matter. Elsa does a fantastic job, she is best for America, she goes on and on and after a little while that person said where is he? Nobody knows where one is. It’s amazing. I don’t heal, I just crack and crush and finish it because I cant’ work, it’s too much. So last night my friend David came, for eighteen months he has spent about fifteen, twenty thousand dollars just to get his heel corrected and we are thinking we did it in two seconds. If I put it that, put a pressure, click he said, “What?”

I said, “Done, go. Walk now, you are fine.”

And I asked few symptoms to him, I said, “Your brain hurts?”

He said, “Yeah.”

I said, “Head hurts?”


“Anybody finds where it hurts?”


“Your heel hurts?”


Well, what you have done for it? They charge him four, five thousands to make a special shoes, they did this, they did that, poor guy, can he heal that little bone, it’s a very small little bone. It was just off. Click it in, that’s it because your skeleton does not have any nut, bolts and screws and as your age goes like mine, there are lot of muscles, which I can’t move. Elsa moves, I don’t know how, it hurts lot but I didn’t cry today, I had a good massage. But it’s a fun to cry like a baby, really she does it like a big grandma. She will be with us, those who want to learn and discuss with her moreover she is a healer by her grace, all Europe comes to her, she can see you and tell you what’s wrong with you and then check your medical records, there is nothing to it.

I have something to tell you very funny, there was a very rich guy, he was working very hard, he was making lot of money, all of a sudden he died. He had a will as I die I should be buried. So as he was, his wife put a sheet on him.

And said, “No touching, no changing on to the grave.”

So went to the grave, three months later his wife felt very lonely, she went to the grave. She sat there to meditate and she saw telephone ringing, she thought she is dreaming, she tried again, she again heard it, again heard it. She came back in a month later again she heard telephone ringing. She was shocked, somehow with the cemetery he met the people he said, “I want to dig back my husband, I want to find what is the matter” so they dig him back. You know what he had? A pocket telephone and that thing which records your telephone when you call him. What they call it? The little, no, no that little box.

Student: Pager.

YB: The pager. So then she realized that when he died she put a sheet on him and sent him in and tomorrow when you are going to die God knows what you are going to, you are going to, having a television with you or something else. This has become the modern world. Modern world, we are walking into folks shall have no room to hide our face. Therefore the opposition will be a person who has no grace and has no place to hide her face where, what the world will go to? You understand? It is an age of direct confrontation. And the problem with you all is you all feel you are wrong and you are not right and you are not doing correct and you are not, it is called underestimating your grace, this is a common disease with all of us.

Common disease that we undermine ourselves, when we undermine ourselves, we can’t relax. When we can’t relax there is a tension, when there is a tension there is sickness. There is no harm in earning, there is no harm in error, there is no harm, things can go wrong, what is the difference? Let them go wrong. Is it a guarantee that everything should be right? Wrong is not wrong so long it is not repeated. Wrong can happen. If you forgive yourself and not take vengeance on yourselves, just be wrong, your life will be very good. There is a one thing guilt, when a guilt is understood to the hilt. Man is dead, no feelings. And the energy you waste and the pressure you put on your brain and the Pranic energy you use is so much that you can’t recuperate. Therefore you talk in your sleep, you have heavy dreams, you have nightmares and you are always afraid, my relatives will go away. Where? Earth is round, where they will go away? They will go away nowhere. My friends will be made at you, so be it. Nobody will help me, nobody will. Because you are already scared, you are already afraid, you always, there is a one terrible word in English dictionary hyper and some of you are heavy hyper. You know what a heavy happy, heavy hyper is?

Let’s do that exercise. And I will tell you what it is, just bear with me. Put your tongue out and breathe. It’s called dog breath. Just do it. Now, keep your tongue out, no cheating, I want you to have that beautiful experience what a hyper can do? I am not saying you are dogs. You are God. You are a good, you need to try to understand that, good, steady, neck, chin in, chest out. You must do best. I want you to experience it. I want you to experience it, three minutes, you are just hyper, not high hyper. Just that is separate, your tongue out, you breathe in and breathe out fast. Welcome to the class.

Try it, try it, try it, quick, long, deep breath, heavy, use your diaphragm, so that you can understand what hyper is, in English dictionary, in science somebody who is this, this, this, this will give you an experience, come on, you love me, don’t you? Then do it. You have to do it, I am looking straight in your eyes and when again back, no if you do it right and do it intensely, this is how you will go. This is the pose of it. You will start doing like this. Then you are really enjoying it. That’s what it does to everybody. Try it in the sense that it will change your medulla, a part of the brain, which is responsible for lot of good stuff. There are two posture in the world only Tounkni prayanam that is a breath of fire and Pounkni pranayam that’s called dog posture breath. This is it. Tongue, tongue, tongue out, tongue has to remain out that, not in and out. Steady out.

Use your diaphragm. When you ever get cold, virus or bacterial, I am not asking you, not to see your doctor but if you do this for couple minutes you may be in a position to control everything, it’s not something very small. If you do it right and do it hard way, you will find tingling in your toes, tingling in your thighs where sciatica is and tingling in your lower back. It’s very healing exercise, come on, come on, you have a minute and a half more. Stop not. Use power, use your diaphragms. One more minute, one more minute and do your best. Get serious, thirty seconds left. Hello, sweetheart. Fifteen seconds try your best. Now this is coming to be very tricky please, keep on doing, I am going to tell you something and you have to follow exactly, five seconds standby, inhale deep, pull your tongue in, press it against the upper palate as hard you can, holding your breath. Five more seconds, breathe out, relax. Some more, now. We have got this.

The principle, ten principles to live by. We didn’t say ten commandments and the girl has come whom I gave, you will see her, she is pretty. Come on now, you read it, it’s your privilege and they are printed too, wow! When I married her away, I was very unwell and I thought she has to face life without me and alone, so I asked her to write those ten principles to live by and all I said is “If you live by those ten principle, you will never be under minded, unhappy and taken advantage of and you shall not suffer.” Well, she was good enough to write them and she lived by them and she is the only one who has in her pocket. So once a while I seen her stealing and it’s all right. Now go.

Student: Ten principles to live by. Practical principles to avoid danger to yourself.

Number one–If you don’t want enemies, don’t have friends.

Number two–Love is not thou.

Number three–Don’t be so sweet that people want to eat you or so better that people want to carry you away.

Number four–Open the lips, sink the ship.

Number five–Excellence, elegance and grace are the three honors of a human being. If somebody challenges these three in you, avoid that person.

Number six–Only show your strengths not your weaknesses.

Number seven–If somebody says “I love you” wait for the next step. People use love as a hook, they say they love you but they are only out to get something from you.

Number eight–Trust all for nothing.

Number nine–Remember your blessings over your weakness.

Number ten–Don’t utter words in friendships, they can be used against you in animosity.

YB: Thank you. She is a living testimony to these principles we have them, if anybody wants to have a copy of it to keep it with you. They are practical principle, they are not philosophies and you need all ten of them. They will cut through all psychology and neurosis. You don’t have to judge the other person, you have to judge in the light of your own memory and see that you are not harmed. If you are happy, you are not harmed, you trust yourself, you can trust everybody, if you are not empty, you are fulfilled, you can go all the way more graciously than anything else.

Your right to life is your own contentment. Your right to life is your own consciousness. Your right to life is you to yourself. I will tell you, you can earn as much money as you want and you can, as, as much power and beyond but you will be stupid number one. You will be empty, unloved, unresponded and rejected.

People love Shakti, people love Shakti. Shakti comes from devotion Bhakti. Shakti doesn’t come from outside power, Shakti is inside us and that is when I am me. The beauty of the fact I am me is more than death, more than life, more than riches, more than poverty, more than sweetness and more than bitterness. All facets of life are there like stars, I am me is like full moon on the full moon night. Reflecting the power of God with that of sun with its utmost purity, calmness and quietness. There is no more better knowledge than when you love you. You cannot hate anybody but if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody, you can pretend. I mean, you can fake it. You can, that’s fake. As original as you can be but it will not be real because love brings in you the innocence.

Love brings in you the truth, love brings in you the straight forwardness and love brings in you the honor, grace and command of the self. Love is not something, puch, puch, business. Love is not a combination of lips and mucous and all that ejaculations, love is something consistent, constant forever and it’s the grace of God in you. Once somebody said how much divine a person is, the other person said, challenge that person.

He said, “What shall be the answer?”

He said, “The answer shall be forgiveness of God in the heart of that person.”

If you have a heart and you do not know how to forgive from your heart, your forgiveness from head does not mean a thing. Your help from head does not mean a thing. Whatever is not from heart has no continuity, no harmony, no consistency. Love is a vibration of always ever consistency, which prevails, which attracts, it’s a most powerful magnetic feeling in which person is automatically attracted to each other because, there is no axe to grind and there is no hook to play. It’s an innocent, simple two feelings of two pure people who wants to be together and very sight, it’s satisfying.

You must understand that’s how God made your brain to follow the lean of the heart. But you put lean on your head from the heart not, but you go upset. You put lean on your damn heart from your head whereas heart should have lean and deed on your head. Your head is supposed to serve your heart, your heart is not supposed to serve your head. You can be brain-dead and still declare a life if you have a beat. But when your heart is not there and if there is no beat, forget it. If you even start talking, people say you are a ghost. You are not there, so please understand, make your life simpler. The idea of truth and reality is you have to remember nothing. Idea of life is that you have to even write a note, what did I say, why I say that.

There is no insult saying, “I don’t know. I don’t remember.”

Because you are a human of that time and space and you are innocent and you are simple. You just say what you have to say from heart. Just remember, children do not remember anything and they do not write books and they do not write their journals. Have you seen any children writing down and turning around I peed at four thirty, do they? I pooped at 8 AM, I had my milk from my mom at seven thirty. Do they do that? Why you do all that? I am asking one question, why you want to remember anything? What is the great idea? When you never remembered, you are alive, well, smiling, happy, and you know when didn’t remember you, when you innocent, you are fed. You are taken care, your diapers were changed, isn’t it? You are massaged. You even cried, nobody mind.

Now try to cry yourself, everybody will say, “What’s wrong with you.”

Because nobody trusts your tears and nobody trust your smiles that’s how bad we have become. When we smile, people think we are phony, when we have tears people think we are wrong. Well, we don’t want that, so what should we do, let us see if we correct our five Tattvas, can it bring us into the state of our childhood.

Can you please do that? And can you do this? And try to put these three fingers by the force of your that it will like to. You know. You know, sun finger will not obey mostly but try to straighten them three. If they not push it. Oh, yeah, it can be fixed. There is nothing wrong if these fingers are twisted, that’s okay, anyway, make them straight, right? Done? Now, pull your tongue out, close your eyes and breathe in and out as fast as you can.

Today is Sat Kaur’s birthday. Khalsa’s birthday, of Adi Shakti ashram, ashram, cookies will be served after the class, provided people do good job. These are thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks to God, many thanks, thank you once again for your help. Doctor Munjeet, wow! Bless you. Sat Nam Ji, Siri Singh Sahib with love and gratitude, oh, from the mamas. They are nice people. Gobind Kaur, what is wrong with your tongue, your skinny tongue? Pull it out. Open up your diaphragms folks there is no other way to open diaphragm, I will tell you. In whole medical science, six years and special subject on lungs does not have one line if the diaphragm muscle gets hard, how to unlock it? Can you believe the tragedy? This is the exercise. It is called Pounkri Pranayam in which you have, have this time Sun, Saturn and Jupiter all antennas lined up.

Look at the ways, the Gods and the dummy Gods and the semi Gods look at you. Ah, I know, I see you. Where is your mama? You know I brought your aunty all the way here to say ‘hello’ to you and you don’t say ‘hello’ to me. Not good. Just get mad and do it right. It will take away anger from you inside out. Burn out your karma man, we don’t want to carry them on us. Try to be innocent, don’t think too much, just do it. You know if you magnify the sound you are creating with the breath, it’s the sound of har.

“Har balo, har balo, har balo merey gurusikh bhai har balo, har balo sab paap le jaye.”

All sins depart of my brother or my friend when you create the sound of har, that’s what you are doing. You have exactly minute and half, try your best, stop not. Use your diaphragm, get it over with, takeaway the tension, it’s not much more time left. Thirty seconds. Fifteen seconds, try your best harder, five seconds standby, inhale deep and please roll your tongue inward, inward roll, roll with your power and strength, exhale, relax. Gurmukh, you know where Sat Nam Kaur from Pomona is? You are a very international yoga teacher, do you know? Did you talk to her? Do you know where she is tonight? Close your eyes see where she is, figure it out. All right, if not tonight, let me know tomorrow night. Hey, you didn’t wind my watch.

Student: (——–)

YB: Watch tells me, you are present or not. Caught red-handed? Okay, Seva Kaur. Seva is dedication service and watch wants to be winded once a week, remind him. Life is full of relaxation and tension. Half of our wealth we use to just relax. And half of wealth, which we use to just relax cause us double the tension we want not. You understand that? Have you seen people gone on weekends for relaxation and they come back next day half dead.

(Students laughter)

What they call it? Hangover. Have you seen a family going for holidays, coming back totally tired and dragging their heels? Have you seen that delicious night and feast and food you say it and when you got up next morning you couldn’t even take a turn. Guru Nanak says beautiful things,

“Jis kadey tan pediey mann me chale bakar baba se khana kusikwar”

With that food your mind goes berserk and your body is churned into pain that food is worthless, similarly he says what you were if that were does not bring you grace, it is useless. Simply about act he says, if the act does not win for you everlasting friendship, your that act is useless, do not deal with each other temporarily because why? I will tell you the fact, you have come on this planet as a star with a frequency of radiance and life and Pranic energy. You are part of the galaxy. You have been together, you are together, now in the opaque form from the sub lineal form you have to enter the sub lineal form again, so you have to be together. So do not hurt each other, be simple.

Try to live innocent, straight, calm, quiet and peaceful. Use not your cleverness. You are not here because you are here. You are here because you are here. You are not involved in part of it. Everybody how bad he is, good is, rude is, right is, he is here. And it’s a part of this global absolute existence. I was watching a discovery channel there was a little dog kind of things in the desert they live, they eat every snake, every scorpion, everything, they do their job and I said, “This is a corporation cleaning service.”

Life in a nature is neither kind, not loving, it is just balance and indifferent. And as a star, you consume your life energy, till time comes from the infinite you go back to the infinite. One thing simply you have learnt wrong is that you are finite and now, the biggest lie you practice is you are finite and you are now. One person once asked me, what will happen to me?

I said, “Nothing.”

“I am dying.”

I said, “Good, your time is little earlier, I will be just later.”

Nothing wrong. To die it is inevitable, uneventful, dying is I am leaving the whole thing, dying also my work is up, my karma is up, I am going home. There is nothing good, nothing bad in the world thinking make it so. If your thinking is wrong then you are wrong. You must think right and right thinking is you are a creature, you are created as a creature by the creator, every creature is created by the creator, you all interrelated like a network, that’s called ‘Tantra’. You all inter-woven, inter-mingled, inter-reactive, interactive and the energy is as you unite in the positive energy that power should become, as you unite in negative energy that weak you become. That’s what love is, you collect all, what hatred is? You reject all, all is also in the very small, S M A L L. There is no small without that all.

There is nothing in the sin. What is a sin? It’s a qualified judgment. What is appreciation? Grace, great, it is qualified appreciation acknowledgement. One is positive, one is negative. You have to be the judge. You want to go to north, you want to go to the south. There is no black and white in this world, there is no gray either. Some beauty comes out of you like a light, some darkness come out of you like darkness. But just remember night is as comfortable and beautiful for us as bright sun like day. This humanity is full of sin.

We have not yet resolved the yellows, the blacks and the whites. Even today, in the nineteen ninety six, in the jungles of Brazil, the humans called Pigmies are shot like animals for sport today. Is this a civilization or just a pure cruelty? In ninety-six, in ninety five when the world was on the top and the head of civilization, ethnic cleansing happened in most civilized Europe. Tribal cleansing happened in Africa, and thousands were dead. Innocent people. So the man and his brutality and his cruelty is always on display because we have been taught that we are special.

If we know we are all together in one creator’s consciousness, that’s the meaning of the ‘Ek ong kar’. Its symbol is very blessed that you are the primal force and the primal force is you. And now we will do this little exercise to understand the meaning of ours. You will play that music, Sat Nam, four beat. Please put your hands like this in a triangle and it will say Sat Nam and then it will say Wahe Guru then touch the earth and then you come back and you will make this rhythm, it will be very sharp and…

Side B

…. Will be very sharp when sometime you make get headache while doing it, that only means you have a very poor circulation. If you do this exercise, simple exercise it is but you will find two things you will do, wrong, one is like this, you will come like this, you won’t have the concentration. Second while doing this you may have headache, that means your circulation is not correct, all right? Play the tape and this is our position.

(Tape is played in the class)

YB (Talks over the tape): It looks simple, do it correct. It’s a Jupiter most powerful power. This is the mantra. It has eight movements, Ashtanga. You have seven chakra and one aura, eight. In one Yoga seven chakra, they all teach you up to that only in Kundalini Yoga we go up to eight. Close your eyes, concentrate. It will calm you down, this is your Jupiter. Come in you guys, come in, cookies will be served soon. When you are very tense, doctor is two hundred fifty miles, you do not know what to do in the rhythm of eight Ashtanga, take the Jupiter finger, do what you are doing, you will calm down quiet, peaceful, tranquil, you will come out fine. Okay stop, now.

(Tape stops)

Sometime you have a nerve pain, sciatica or the message nerve system then this from here it becomes here to here. And here to here. It changes its scope, here to here, it’s earth to self, here to here is from earth to heavens. There is no secret, it works, this is so powerful, they call it ‘Husth Kriya’, Husth Kriya is so powerful, it can hold the hand of God and it can hold the hand of death, that’s how powerful is, it’s looks very simple, it has to go here, you know, here as you are doing right now. It has eight terms in this mantra, this mantra is a mantra of the Jupiter that’s why we sing it.

It is a sound current, it’s a combination and permutation of sound, you may not understand the meaning, it doesn’t mean anything but the vibration it creates. When you throw a stone in the ocean and it creates the wave, you don’t understand the meaning but those who can read these waves know what is the power of the stone. When comes high waves, it’s speed of the wind is responsible. Okay now get ready and see how your nervous system gets renewed by the simplest exercise, simplest. Now, steady from here we will start, then we will go Sat Nam, you know what I mean? And then you won’t come back here, okay, go.

(Tape is played in the class)

YB (Talks over the tape): Up on the top of the head, that’s your heaven, that’s your Akasha. Look at me. Cardiovascular central common triple nervous system, which control, which is done on the head. Touch it. Come on bravo, let us see tonight, we have found a simple secret formula. Jupiter controls medulla and neurological center of the brain and it controls all the three rings of the stem of the brain. Doesn’t matter how angry you are, how obnoxious you are, it will all disappear from your personality, because Jupiter will prevail. It is the Guru’s start. It’s the Lord of the Thursday. Today is a mercury day, we are starting good, come on Sit down, don’t stop. You have to tell your wife you stopped. Drop your ego, do it right, see where it takes you. Up, up, up, don’t give up. Niranjan Singh, you can do all your life, what are you doing? Up above your head. Flow, flow with the flow. Okay stop, stop, stop.

(Tape stops)

This exercise was done for fifteen minutes or twenty minutes that’s his time, it’s twenty two minutes, double of the eleven, you will totally change your personality and your garbage this is the earth, this is the Jupiter, when the tip of the Jupiter touches, Jupiter starts prevailing, it’s the Akashic center here. And it just the power descents like this and clean you out, it looks stupidly little thing what it’s can do but this mantra is Jupiter mantra, if you ever go Rome, you will find in all Catholic schools girl doing something, they will never speak that but they will do like this, I taught two girls. The Catholic school banned it. It has become a wave all over Rome, little girls tell to each other, you have a tape of that?

I am happy, I am good, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam Ji, Wahe Guru Ji ah? We made a tape of it. Niranjan’s tape it is. What we don’t have tape? It’s that, with the fingers the little girls do all over. Okay, Sat Simran come here, lead it. Oh, you are secretary of State, do you know what I mean? You either disobey or do it. I will give her a choice. Those little girls, you seen them, you know them and it’s all over.

Sat Simran: I am happy,

Students: I am good. I am happy, I am good, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam Ji, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru Ji.

YB: Like little girls.

Students: I am happy, I am happy,

YB: Think you are little girls with beards.

(Students laughter)

Students: Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam Ji, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru Ji. I am happy, I am good, I am happy, I am good, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru Ji. I am happy, I am good, I am happy, I am good, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam JI, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru Ji. I am happy, I am good, I am happy, I am good, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam Ji,

YB: Your husband is operated tonight, remember?

Students: I am happy, I am good,

YB: You sit down here and do this celestial.

Students: I am happy, I am good, Sat Nam,

YB: Keep on doing,

Students: Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam Ji. Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru Ji. I am happy, I am good, I am happy, I am good, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam Ji, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru Ji.

YB: You keep on doing.

(Students laughter)

Students: I am happy, I am good, I am happy, I am good, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam Ji. Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru Ji. I am happy, I am good, I am happy, I am good,

YB: Follow anything you want.

Students: Sat Nam, Sat Nam Sat Nam Ji, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru Ji. I am happy, I am good, I am happy, I am good, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam Ji, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru Ji.

YB: Thank you that’s done

(Students laughter)

And since this practice was given to two girls, little, one like this and one like this, they started doing with the friends, their friends started doing with other friends and the Catholic school did not like it, they banned it, that was the tragedy. They banned it and they won’t utter a word, they will do it, they will do it in streets, they will do in schools, they will do in grounds, they will do in class room, they will do it at home, it has become a national anthem for little girls.

(Students laughter)

And whenever they fight or do something after that they can’t make up, they do to each other.

(Students laughter)

And it’s all over, it’s amazing? And if you do it yourself, you will find it the power of the Jupiter. And there are two stars in the universe, which are the most powerful. The most mystique, pure and knowledge comes from Saturn and most graceful power and knowledge come from Jupiter, there is a difference only is this. If there is a homework and you will be given fifty dollars to do it. If Jupiter says, you paid fifty dollars, do it. If you don’t do it, he won’t do anything not pay you fifty bucks that’s all. But if a Saturn says do it and pay you fifty dollars and you don’t do it, he will not pay you fifty dollars and give fifty spanks and that’s why these two makes peace. This makes God; this alone takes you to jail.

(Students laughter)

If you put this finger up, you know what this mean? It’s internationally known abuse, that’s what Saturn is. This Saturn finger. You did not obey the law, you shall be punished, Jupiter is, you didn’t obey the law, you shall not be rewarded, this is your ego, this is your Jupiter, this is your Saturn, this is your sun, this is your mercury. This is your head, ego. And anybody who has self depression, self remission, self fear, self anxiety, if you put this fingers like this and chant this mantra in that rhythm. You will cut it out in eleven minutes doesn’t matter where you are, because power of the star when join with the personal power it blossoms to mega million frequency that’s why when you shake hand, you feel good, when you do this you feel bad. Put down it’s never good. Elevation is always right so whose birthday is? Can the person in birthday stand up? Well, my oldest student who never talks. But continues with all odds and evens equal. Now, let’s sing happy birthday to her.

(Students started singing ‘happy birthday’ song in the class)

(Song stops)

And continue just like this; don’t try to become a sage. You will age fast; don’t try to be anything else as you are just understand. There are many who came and went and couldn’t continue. In the end what matters is one who delivers oneself. All richness, all poverty, all greatness and all smallness doesn’t mean anything in life only one thing which matters is how one delivers oneself in the end with continuity, with steadfastness, with courage and with grace, happy birthday. Sit down and let’s have cookies. May the longtime sunshine…

(Students started singing may the longtime in the class)

YB (Talks over the song): All love, love, bravo. Guide your way on.

(Song stops)

Blessed is the soul which chooses the body, the environments, circumstances and the stars, longitude and latitude to exalt the attitude to become one with Almighty creator God. Blessed is the day when we help and serve others and blessed is the time when we give others what we can afford, what we cannot do, blessed are those who sacrifice. But make others to smile for a moment, blessed is that moment and blessed that man, which carries on God’s will of light, of bright and beautiful, those who go to grow to slow their own self but exalt others or heavenly beings now and forever, Sat Nam.

Students: Sat Nam.

YB: I will ask Sada Sat Kaur to stand up. Sada Sat kaur is my chief, executive secretary in Alley and as Niranjan is gone and you are making phone calls all the to New Mexico to contact her. Sada Sat Kaur will be available here for any personal contact with me or anything you have to do on all emergency basis. She is here, her office is next door to ashram, she lives on the first storey, her name is Sada Sat Kaur. Sada mean always, Sat means truth, Kaur means the princess and she is very nice girl, you can yell and scream at her, you will always find a smile in return. Mind you she works all our hours but now this additional duty has been manifested now and transferred to her.

Lot of people have complaints and they called from here, Niranjan, chief of staff who is there in New Mexico and she has to call back and then we have to get to you, this is making lot of people very nervous, so there is nothing to feel nervous, Sada Sat Kaur is here and if worst come to worst, I will tell you another person, he will stand up. Kirtan Singh, he has a walking talking telephone, one with his butts and one with his pocket. We are going to make his number public.

(Students laughter)

And you can call him all the time, night, day, morning.

(Students laughter)

In case you are in dire emergency, his wife is a registered nurse and she can deal with your problems better than me and that’s the best you can get going and Gurumukh these days has been seen in Los Angles all the time. Gurumukh, stand up. She has a responsibility to tell you and answer you all question of Yoga whether she knows or she does it.

(Students laughter)

You follow that what I mean? And we have to kept doing and bring people around as a gift to them to work it out there karma, so they can feel and find, there is something, we are not going to go out and spend money on advertisement. We are not A T & T and MCI and L C I whatever that is. We are going to use our own smiles and our own experience to tell others, there is no need to suffer if you are in create a buffer through simple practice of a Kundalini Yoga, that’s all. Shield your psyche and live happily. Simple science for householders. We are not going to stand on our head thirty years to become yogis. We are born yogis, simply we know went to apply a shield and when not. Cookies be served.

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