Meditation: M074 – 920423 – Balance the Pineal and Pituitary

Yogi Bhajan – London April 23, 1992

Divulge the left side to right brain hemisphere neurons & vice versa. Pineal will segregate itself from the commands from pituitary. Pituitary will secrete to work on lungs and liver. It will produce a state of deep intuition.

1. Pineal in the center of brain. Moon cavity underneath. Secretes & changes man from A-Z.

2. We want to know. Once the pinealʼs radiant capacity starts creating balance, you start knowing without knowing one word. Itʼs called innerwise. Pituitary secretes properly. Affects the blood where your whole body, strength, capacity changes.

3. Menʼs brain – one pointed in action. Right objective, left subjective. Want what they want.

4. Womenʼs brain – left and right weigh in all the time.

Men and women are different.  Woman must contain a man.  Man must contain his environment to be successful


1. Hold hands out forwards, elbows bent, at sides. Fingers are straight. Right hand palm faces lightly up (60 deg from horizontal), left palm down but slightly up (30 deg from horizontal).  This is an e-m field at 60 deg frequency.  Just like at ambrosial hour. 5 am and 5 pm. Sun is at 60 deg latitude & longitude.

Eyes are at tip of nose. Hold this posture.  Breathe in as long as you can, hold as long as you can, exhale as long as you can. For the pituitary.
11 min.

This shot shows the relative angle of the hands –>




Inhale, hold, squeeze. Synchronize the body. Stiff as steel. Feel Shuniya. Exhale. 3X.

After 15 breaths you will develop a new chemistry in your blood.


2. Arms out straight at sides, 60 deg, stiff, fingers spread.  Move arms in circles, backwards. Keep arms and fingers stiff.


Eyes at tip of nose. 2.5 min.

3. Continue, put tongue out, breathe through the mouth. It will give you a
lionʼs heart.  Do it hard and fast. 5 min.

4. Arms up straight, palms together. Powerful Breath of fire. 3.5 Min.  Inhale, hold, stretch, tight. Exhale. 3X.


5. Arms straight, flat out in front, palms up.  Close the eyes. Listen to or sing

Bountiful, Blissful & Beautiful. 3 min




M074-920423 – Balance the Pineal and Pituitary Glands

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