Meditation:  KWTC19950725 Meditation to Balance the Tattvas 

 KWTC 950725 Meditation to Balance the Tattvas 

Sit in easy pose with spine straight. Elbows are held at the sides against the ribs with forearms 60-degrees out. Hands are slightly above heart level with wrists bent so that palms are flat and pointing forward. 

Sing with tape of Guru Dev Mata Guru Dev Pita, by Guru Jiwan Singh. 

Meditation continues approximately 31 minutes. 

Inhale deeply and hold the breath, squeezing the entire body and all the vertebrae of the spine upward. Exhale. Repeat inhale and exhale twice, squeezing the entire being including the spine from the tailbone to the top, vertebra by vertebra, with the muscular capacity by your command. Relax. 

Yogi Bhajan’s comments: 

The palms are flat so the palm inflow can come to your elbows and then the body can pick it up. 

Guru Dev Mata That is you. 

Guru Dev Pita That is him. 

It’s a kriya, it is not a physical exercise. The neurons of the brain will start changing exactly in a small time. This is how you pray to the heavens. Manipulate the heavens. Manipulate the Creator, not the creature. Reach out. Use the mantra to vibrate the heavens. 

Inhale at the end and squeeze the spine so you can become great, young, and eligible for great life and health. 

If you can do these kriyas you can cut through everything which you cannot cut through otherwise. And your darkness in life becomes light, and poverty becomes prosperity and misfortunes become virtues. 



YOGI BHAJAN: What is this? 

S: Golden Temple Healing, Prosperity and the Excellence Cookbook. 

YB: Oh, by Hari Nam. That I know. Oh, oh. I got one. Very good book. 

S (Reading, not on mike): Tonight with your blessings Sat Bachan Kaur would like to present the Excellence in Bana Award to two youths, Harbhajan Kaur and her sister Awtar Kaur. 

YB: Wow. Today whatever I am going to teach you, you’re not going to like. And I know that. Because what I am going to teach you is against your genes. It is not in your system from birth and with whatever hemorrhage you can die with it, this is what is killing the western woman. There’s nothing yet known in the system how you can understand once for all. Because what is there, sixty-nine television channels? Something like that. Up to what the number goes? Ninety? In the near future it may be hundred something. All right? 

And it’s not your fault that you are somebody inferior or you want to suffer. But you have to understand the technology of one thing. Doesn’t matter you are a woman, you are a man, doesn’t matter you are married, unmarried, doesn’t matter you are lesbian or gay, doesn’t matter you are straight or simple, doesn’t matter you are divine or real. Those are all discussions. Matter comes to one boiling point: Are you trustworthy? One line. And are you a trustworthy through time, space and self? 

That is the point of life. If your emotions, your feelings, your nature, your training, your past, your present, your ideology, your future, your understanding is that you are a flirt, which you mostly are, and that’s your training: that you must flirt. And that’s the way you can find a man, that’s the way you can find your life, that’s the way you can be – then psychologically, logically and sociologically you can never be trusted either. Oil and water doesn’t mix. 

Everything is not the fault of the western woman. Everything? 

Students: Is not the fault of the western woman. 

YB: The western society is called aristocratic whore society. On one hand we are rehabilitated like aristocrats, and we have our own understanding and height. On the other hand we bring a wagons full of whore and get where the men are and get going and madam set up a house and you know what I’m saying? 


So what we did is we became intermix of that. On one hand 

we need to be trustworthy. On other hand the environment says if you don’t flirt, you are not alert, you are not going to find. 

I asked one woman that day, “You have ruined your beautiful career. You have ruined your life. You are heartbroken. Why you did it?” 

She said, “Well, I thought I will never get a man. So whatever I got, I grabbed.” 

There’s no patience, administration or understanding that everything has to be considered, planned. There’s no discipline that everything has to be valued and understood. That’s not western society. 

And the love plays a very important role. Actually in western society love plays no role at all. It’s lovemaking which plays role. So lovemaking has been considered love. And flirtation is considered as a ideal situation. 

And fundamentally it is never believed that God is owner of this planet. You all think you are the owner of the planet. So when you think that you, your eyes (I is??) bigger than the whole universe then the universe doesn’t help you. 


Then you flirt. And flirts are never alert. Their real value is never understood. Their grace is totally debarred. Therefore, your real essence is not known. Therefore, real partner is not found. Therefore, relationship is just hodge-podge. You just hang in. 

It is very difficult for you to live with knowledge. What is a knowledge? Knowledge is discipline, responsibility and commitment. Knowledge forces you for three things. When you know, you can’t go wrong. 

In western society, I asked once a mother, I said, “Do you know that you have ruined your daughter?” 

She said, “Yes, now I know.” 

“Why?” “I thought if she’s getting A grades, that’s enough. Education is everything.” 

I said, “I met her four days ago. She’s so stoned she even didn’t recognize me.” 

She said, “Yeah, I never knew that she’s into that many drugs.” 

I said, “I told you nine months ago.” 

She said, “I thought if I’ll interfere, I’ll lose her love.” 

As I started discussing it become so painful I start, stopped discussed. There was absolutely nothing there I could do. Actually, all the nonsense which that graceful woman has not lived, she wanted her daughter to go through. Mostly mothers do live their daughters and make them to live that life of a prostitute when they couldn’t live. 

I had another experience in my life where a mother made a daughter understand, “Aren’t you ashamed that you get up in the morning the bed looking at the face of the same man?” 

Why some of the parents ignore the children taking drugs, you know why? They think: They have taken, they came out all right; they will take, they will came out all right. 

They forget when they took the drugs it was a consolidated evolution, and there was a spiritual need, research, and they needed that all to do to go for that. Today drugs are not being taken to going for the spiritual need. Today drugs are being taken to space out. Today drugs are to be taken to feel powerful. 

One of the child, I asked him, I said, “Why you take this drug? This will totally ruin you.” 

He said, “You do not know, sir, when I take it I think I am king.” 

I said, “Are you a king?” 

He said, “No. But that feeling I am a king is enough. For hundred-twenty dollars I can feel king for a week. Where you’ll get that thing?” 

I said, “It’s a false.” 

He said, “It’s real.” 

I also know of a young girl, she was plus A plus straight, plus, plus, plus, plus. You know what drugs have done to her? You want to know? I’m responsible for her. I got her into the medical. All right? You understand that? She’s now in her third year of the medical. She has to take one year leave to go for rehabilitation. It got so bad when she opened books, the books looked blank. 

After all, self has a capacity. This capacity can only be used by discipline. And any value of you and your capacity’s only for another person if the other person feels you are dependable. 

I was just coming out, and I saw that Jeep. That Jeep is very old with us, a long time ago. You know, you see that Jeep standing there? That’s my security Jeep, correct? Nobody likes it. It doesn’t run at a high speed, it doesn’t do many hanky-pankies. But it’s a dependable Jeep. It’s not a Rolls-Royce, it’s not Bentley. You know what I’m saying? Not at all. 

It has no value other than a American Jeep. But it is a dependable Jeep. If I spend the whole world on it and try to make out of it a Rolls-Royce, it is never going to be. It is always going to be Jeep. But it is going to be a dependable Jeep. You understand what I’m saying? 


Your life is whatever it is. What the circumstances did to them, what the child did to this, what the other things did it, it’s, I have no discussion with it. But if you are not dependable, you are not dependable. 

No value in business, no value in life, no value in relationship and no value in anything. Based…what is the idea of being spiritual? Absolutely nothing. What is the idea to be rich? Nothing. 

Take any aspect of life, if the other person does not feel you are dependable – finished. Other person may be nothing. But in the other person’s eye and judgment and understanding, you are not dependable, you are nothing. And shame on you if you have everything in the world and the other person who has nothing, he feels you are nothing. Because you are not dependable. 

Spirituality, reality, religion only teaches you discipline so that you can trustworthy. Your worth is in your trustworthiness, your worth is not how many gold you have worn, how much good clothes you have worn, how great you are. Because manners are manners, and manners cannot be competed and compared by measures. 

No measures can match up with manners. Because measures are solid, inflexible and they serve as you want it, your ego wants it. Manners is a knowledge, workable, flexible and it is adjustable. 

Woman without manners and man without courage are worthless animals. There’s no market for them. They are doomed today, they are doomed tomorrow, they will never be respected, doesn’t matter what they do for themself. 

That’s why lying, cheating, playing games, laying numbers and all that, these are all temporary gains. They reduce your worth. They make you worthless. Because whatever you do, the other person is going to know one day or the other you have cheated, you took advantage, you manipulated, you lied. 

The only principle thing to prosperity, a direct road to prosperity is: Be straight, be simple and do it with a smile. 

But human mind says, “I’m not ready. I need time. Therefore, let me lie now, let me manipulate now, let me get now. And tomorrow I’ll be fine.” 

There will be no tomorrow in your dictionary; it will be pure sorrow. And there’ll be a wall of sorrows which you built. It’ll be a tsunami like an ocean which will destroy your shores. And because it is inside you, wherever you go this disease will go with you. 

That’s why I said in the beginning what I am going to tell you today you’re not going to like it. Because you have been taught as a woman to sell yourself, flirt yourself, attract, get, go. 


No. Woman’s place is in her grace. Woman’s place is not in her race. Man’s place is in his deliverance, otherwise dead. God is three letters, G-O-D, God. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh; generates, organize, delivers. What you cannot deliver, destroys. 

If you can’t deliver, it will destroy you. What (why it?) will destroy? Because it will show your worthlessness. You’ll not be trustworthy. 

Have you seen the remarks: Don’t bother, so and so is never on time. Huh? Have you heard that? Yeah? So? What that means? Your reputation has already traveled ahead of you. You are not on time; you are not trustworthy. Do you know your nicknames? All of you? What your friend you, your friends call you by? You know what they call you? Hmmm? 

Normally they call, “Eh, forget that. That person is a snake, that person is a fox, that person is a bull in a china shop. That person is a chameleon.” From your wonderful name as a human, from your wonderful body as a human, from your wonderful looks as a human 

Gur kirpaa te bhagat kamaa-ee taa eh maanas de-ee bha-ee 

With all the blessing and grace you got this human body, you still remain animal. And you are still known with your intimate friends as animal. 

I was talking a phone call today. And I said, “I can see you in the evening.” 

He said, “Sir, I can’t see you in the evening. I’m not your student, I’m not your friend, I am your acquaintance.” 

I said, “I know. That’s what I know.” 

He said, “Well, I have a bad habit. In the evening I’m a pig.” Himself! 

And I said, I said, “What do you mean by pig?” 

I say, “I have.” He said, “I have bad habit. I have a drinking habit. That’s what I wanted to discuss with you actually. 

I said, “Whole day you remain a human, in the evening you’re a pig?” 

He said, “That is better.” 

I said, “What was you before?” 

He said, “Before I was just very undependable, untrusty, clever, con man.” 

I said, “It can’t be right. You are so rich. You are so well-established. I know you very well.” 

He said, “That is my false side. Inside I am really being eaten up.” He said, “Look I have to see you, you have to see me.” 

I said, “What is so emergency? You can come anytime you like. But what is the hurry?” 

He said, “I have lost my family, my wife has divorced me, I have a great general manager, CEO, my business is running all right, but I have absolutely, I feel so much emptiness now I have started crying.” 

Now can you believe this is a sixty year old man, most successful, who used to dance this whole United States on the tip of his fingers? Today he can’t handle his tears. 

For temporary gain you cannot incur it a permanent loss. You don’t have to develop anything in your knowledge, but you have to develop a character and characteristics so world can trust you. And it is your American bill it is written: In God we? 

Students: Trust. 

YB: And if you always trust in God and God has this planet and this earth and God has this universe as you see it and you are part of it, then you will never lie, never cheat, never be miserable and never will be deceitful, never manipulate, and you will be very straightforward smiling character. 

But One who created you will create the environments for you too. May I ask you one thing? When you have parent did you ever worry? Hey, how many of you were two year old and you went to kitchen and start cooking? Hello? Hey, come on. Hey. Are you with me? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: Or are you spaced out? 

Students: No, sir. 

YB: How many of you were two year old, and you went to the kitchen cooking? Tell me. None, right? You have heavenly father and you have mother earth, why you are messing up all this in the kitchen of your ego? What are you cooking all the time schemes? Hmm? What’s going on, folks? 

Can I have a answer to this? Hello-o-o. What is going on? God rotates this earth and creates for you night and day. At night you watch television, day you sleep, put a pillow over you. God rotates your earth, you can’t take care of your routine. He can’t? 

So why don’t you all get up early morning six o’clock, start pulling the earth so it can have a round. You little creatures with a magnifying ego will never understand: You are all puppets hung with the string of breath of life. And the Giver gives you the breath fifteen times per minute. And you look beautiful, graceful and maintain your human grace and dignity, then God shall provide you everything. 

There are two ways to live, folks: Be trustworthy and resolute; all will come to you. Be phony and funky and run; you’ll find nothing satisfying. What you want to do? Which way you want to go? Come on. I know what you are going to say, “We want to be resolute and.” Heh, heh, heh. When it’s come to doing, forget it. 

I ask somebody, “You chant in the morning?” 

She said, “Very well. I really chant. You can ask my husband. In the morning I chant loud and clear.” 

He picked up the phone. He said, “She chants really loud and clear. I have taped it; I am going to let you hear it.” He put the tape, the snoring was so big. He say, “I leave the room.” He say, “I am only with her up to midnight. After that she starts; I leave the room. No human being can live in this house.” 

And I couldn’t believe, the tape recorder showed me, it was better than Bhai Nirmal Singh’s kirtan. It was so loud. And lot of times she changed the music, kawk kawk, it means she was doing something very funny. And she doesn’t want to even understand that this is what is going on. And that’s her chanting. 

Alap ahaar sulap see nindraa dayaa chhimaa ta preet Alap ahaar Eat light Sulap see nindraa Catnap daya Kindness chhimaa forgiveness tan preet 

Love your body as a temple of God 

These are the faculties. 

31 minutes: Today, we have something to really gain. We have to balance our tattvas, right? Everybody’s ready? 

Sit tight. Yesterday you did that, remember? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: Was it good? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: All right. That was good, then this will not be good. Let’s get little hard. In this you will hold this little higher at the heart center. don’t hold it straight, straight is less. Just here and there. 

(Posture is similar to healing meditation, elbows at sides, forearms out forward, but palms are higher and held straight, pointing forward.) 

So all the palm inflow can come to your elbow and then body can pick it up. That’s all we know it. Close your eyes and sing with it and play the tape. See what happens. Let’s go. 

(Taped music of Guru Dev Mata Guru Dev Pita, Espanola. Same as yesterday’s meditation.) 

(Guru Dev Mata) That is you. (Guru Dev Pita) That is him. 

Palms flat. It’s a kriya, it is not a physical exercise. 

The neurons of the brain will start changing exactly in a small time. 

This is how you pray to heavens. 

Manipulate heavens. 

Manipulate the Creator, not the creature. 

Reach out. 

Use the mantra to vibrate heavens. 

Steady, steady. This is time to be steady. Watch your palms. 

(Music continues uninterrupted throughout above YB statements, approximately 30-31 minutes.) 

(132B – Taped music ends.) 

Inhale deep. Now please squeeze your entire body, hold the breath, and all the vertebras of the spine squeeze upward. Exhale. 

Inhale again, if you have not done it right, hold the breath, squeeze the entire being, take the spine from low to top, vertebra by vertebra, the muscular capacity by your command, squeeze. So you can become great, young, eligible for great life and health. 

Let it go. Better. Inhale again. Exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale deep. Hold and squeeze the spine from tailbone to the top. 



Was it good? Are you there? 

Students: Yes, sir 

YB: Mm-hmm. Ya, I know you are there. If you can do these kriya which I am going to teach you this week, you can cut through everything which you cannot cut through otherwise. And your darkness in life become light, and poverty becomes prosperity and misfortune become virtues. 

Is that clear? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: May the longtime… 

(Students sing old version of May the Longtime Sunshine) 

YB: Shhhhh. Shhhh. You have been tricked, you are spaced out. Didn’t I tell you that? Start. 

(Students sing current version and one Long Sat Nam.) 

YB: Bless my soul. Bless my consciousness. Bless my dignity, divinity and grace. Bless my identity. Bless my human race. Bless my peace of mind, and please bless the peace in the world. 

O Creator, the Lord of all creatures, give me the conscious living so I can understand Thy will to find my home and end in peace. Sat Nam. 

Thank you very much. I hopefully we’ll meet, tomorrow is Wednesday, right? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: And Bibiji is teaching. But we, we both will decide. Somebody will come up here. Okay? 

Bibiji: Both will teach. 

YB: Huh? 

Bibiji: We both will teach. 

YB: Why, that you understand what it means? Well, anyway. You know what I mean? Well. 

Ah, tomorrow we’ll meet. What wedecide to do if you all agree – Friday’s the last day of ours, is that true? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: You take lunch, do you? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: So we have decided that we’ll take lunch on the green lawns of the ranch and we’ll sit and say “hello” to each other and relax in the bright sun and open skies and say goodbye to each other with a very good, pleasant, creative consciousness. Will that be all right? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: Practical? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: Yes or no? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: All right. So be it. Those who are in favor say aye. 

Students: Aye. 

YB: Those who are against say no. (No response.) 


Resolution is carried. Thank you. Good night. 

Oh, by the way, I forgot. I have my best friend and my classmate, we studied in the college together. 

Mr. Sudesh Duaa, most of you who have gone to Delhi you have met him and here he is and his wife. They have come to be our guest this week. Ah, Sudesh has been a man of dignity, integrity and a great police officer who was more straight than straight can be. 

And he retired, I resigned, but he retired. He just prolonged very much, and he came this time to see and visit us. But if you want to talk to somebody who’ll tell you how to be simple. You know how to be complicated, right? (Laughter.) He knows how, his main most affect (??favorite 230B) line is, “Well, there’s always something simple in it. Find it.” So you can find it too. 

So we’ll be entertaining these beautiful two people who have lived a very graceful, righteous life – and I mean righteous life. Straight life is very righteous life, complicated life is the most crude inhuman life people can live. And we are very proud that he has visited us and we are very proud he is with us. And I am very grateful that after many, many years, long years. And we have slept in the same bed, so you can understand what we’re doing. (Laughter.) And eaten from the same plate and, uh, done the, almost the same thing. 

But he was very successful in his office, in his rank and in his position and well-respected. And he’s very well-respected now. And that’s the way people should retire. That’s how people should reach in age, mature age. Not funky, phony and floppy. You know? 

We’ll see again. Thank you very much, good night, God bless you. Sat Nam. 

Students: Sat Nam. 

YB: Give him a hand, dummies. 


(252B – taped music of Har Har Gobinday, etc.) 

S: Sat Nam. Before you all leave I have to present an award to two young ladies. Um, Siri Singh Sahib knows about it, he said just go ahead. 

Um, when my husband, Hari Jiwan, and I were blessed to go on the yatra this February, we were just struck by the radiance of all the Khalsa youth and their bana and the discipline they had towards that bana. 

And so we set up an award so that the, the winner of the award, it’s called the Excellence in Bana Award, the youths who came back to America, in the face of all pressures in America, could stay in beautiful bana for the summer would win five hundred dollars. 

And we began this tradition and the winners this summer are two sisters, they’ll share it: Hari Bhajan and Awtar. And they have been exemplary in their bana and their strength and radiance towards that discipline (applause). So come on up and tomorrow a Federal Express check, a check will come in the mail through Federal Express. Congratulations. 

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh. 

Students chant Bolay, etc. 

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh 


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