Meditation: KWTC7-19910705 – Self Hypnotic Trance – Self Bliss

Yogi Bhajan – July 5, 1991 
All right, close your eyes and just imagine, now it’s a imagery because you are imagery. There is no reality other than that your imagery and just imagine, imagine you are the creation of one Creator. Just imagine in this posture, imagine, oh you imagine all the time. But now you just imagine that you are the creation of one Creator. That’s exactly you are imagining ek ong kar, how good it is, how bad it is, religious is, not religious it is, fake it is, real it is, that’s none of your problem, just imagine that you are the creation of one Creator. You are one creation, the creation of one Creator. Have no duality. 8 1/2 min.
One thing will happen your that finger will bend side wards when you start imagining it because what you are imagining you really don’t believe it. It will only remain straight while imagining this, if you really believe it or you are at least concentrating to believe it or you are trying to believe it, otherwise it will bend. Body language is different than what you wish or desire or want to have. You are the creation of one Creator. Second, your identity is true. Your identity is true. Your identity is true. Number three, you are a doer. You are a doer. You do good and bad both but that doesn’t matter. You are a doer because you are the creation of one Creator, because your identity is true, because you are a doer, therefore you have no fear. You have therefore no fear, there are three reasons for you to imagine you have no fear. If you imagine those three things first, the fourth you will imagine that you have no fear because you imagine you have no fear therefore you have no vengeance. Therefore you have no vengeance. Imagine it because you have no vengeance therefore you are in the image of God, you are a pictorial God, undying God, which does not have vengeance. Those who have vengeance have nothing to do with God; because you are in the image of God therefore you are by yourself. Your existence is complete, it’s not neither you can come nor you can go, you are you and then imagine you are complete. How the reality can be found? By the blessed of the learned one. By what method? By repeating. In the beginning you are true, through the time you are true, now you are true and true ever you shall be. That’s the practical side like ek ong kar Sat Nam karpurkh nirbhao nirvair akal moorath ajooni saibhung gurprasad, jap, and the practical side is aad sach jugaad sach hai bhee sach Nanak hosee bhee sach. This is a imagery of the mool mantra. What it gives you? It puts your root in the soil of the soul, it’ll put your roots in the soil of your soul and it gives you fruit called ecstasy. The imagery of the moolmantra puts your roots in the soil of the soul and it bears you the fruit of ecstasy and it makes your self as a bliss.Now please open your eyes and relax and stretch your body for a minute.
2 minutes: In that area please put your hands and close your eyes and stick your body like straight. Now follow my directions. Very perfect and hypnotically imagine it, hypnotize yourself. Hypnotize that very small single ray of light it started circling you, one tiny hair-like, small ray of platinum light, white shining, platinum light, platinum light, one tiny small platinum light of the strength of the hair is going around you. Two, make them two, make them three, make them four, make them to cover your entire being, they are all, they are many, they have to be for each cell and they have to be ten trillion of them. Tiny hair-like, tiny hair-like thread going around your body with a platinum light shine and they are ten trillion of them. Now they are moving faster, faster, faster, faster, with infinite fastness, fastness, fastness. They are moving round and round and you want to know what it is. This is exact imagery of Ang sang Wahe Guru. Panch shabad. Five sounds. Keep this imagery and if you put that tape on you got it. Now stick with this imagery ten trillion hair-like thin platinum lights going around you fast, covering you, totally, completely. (Tape Ang Sang Wahe Guru…is played)

    Ang Sang Waheguru

YB: (over tape) and it is Wahe Guru. With every molecule and part of the molecule atom of you. Keep imagining, deeper and deeper and deeper. (Tape stops) YB: Thank you, open your eyes. We don’t want to do it too much. No charge. But I am not very interested to become divine and I don’t suggest you should become very holy either. I tell you what problem is. When you reach a consciousness like mine and if you cannot handle it, it is falling from the seventh sky; higher you are dangerous it is.

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  1. amazing thanks ~ very happy to sing this mantar and will try to “visualizzare ” what you write ~ THANKS

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