Meditation: LA721-920325: for the Intuitive Intellect

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles March 25, 1992

  • –  Sit in easy pose, elbows down, forearms up at angle to front.
  • –  Palms a little toward face, fingers spread.
  • –  Look at the tip of your nose.
  • –  Sing with the music and touch thumbs to fingertips in rhythm with words –
    On Humee touch Mercury/little finger.
    On Hum touch Saturn/middle finger.
    On Brahm touch Jupiter/index finger.
    On Hum touch Mercury/little finger again.
  • –  Gently bounce knees up and down with each word.

11 minutes

End Inhale, hold, and exhale. (You can shake hands after.)

Humee Hum Brum Hum

See lecture in the Library of Teachings

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