Meditation: NM0405-20010529- Sahaj Naad Kriya

MEDITATION – Sahaj Naad Kriya, to Build a Foundation of Human Excellence

(At the end ofthe meditation you need to eat a banana that has been left in the peel, slit andfilled with raisins, and drink water or a remineralising drink)

1. Sit straight in a cross-leggedposition, (students must sit facing forward in straight lines parallel to the teacher’s bench). Place your hands over the ears with the thumbs under the jawbone. Eyes are closed. Powerfully move the navel as you sing the “Ik Acharee Chand” shabd, (Ajai Alai” by Gurushabad Singh and Sarab Shakti Kaur.  Jaap Sahib, lines 190—196). Be firm. Cross your weakness. Continuefor 31 minutes.

Ajai Alai

2. Place the hands on the heart, right over left, with 25pounds ofpressure per square inch. Powerfully move the navel like the beating ofa drum as you chant, “Har, Har, Har, Har…” (“Tantric Har” by Simran Kaur and Guru Prem Singh). It will open up the heart and stimulate all the chakras. Continue for 11 minutes.

Tantric Har

3. Keep the left hand powerfully pressed on the heart. Stretch the right arm up straight, fingers widespread and tight like steel. Chant, “Raa Maa Daa Saa, Saa Say So Hung.” Heal yourself Continue for 11 minutes.

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Hung

4. Return both hands to the heart center. Keep chanting. Continuefor 3 minutes.

5. Place your hands over the ears and keep chanting. Hear the mantra inside. Continuefor 3 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold, andpress powerfully on the ears. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Let the last breath go with the sound “Har.” Relax.

6. Peel and chew the bananas and raisins until they are totally mixed with saliva. Drink water or a remineralising drink.

Looking to the Higher Self
Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. – May 29th, 2001 – Espanota, NM, USA

Life is basically very secure. Only humans are insecure. We hold onto things and are not sure of tomorrow. Women who practice insecurity and men who practice arrogance are the most dangerous things on the planet. When people say, “Chant the Name of God,” it means that you should look to a higher self than yourself In doing this you feel vast and your problems become small.
While Lord Shiva was teaching Parvati she often fell asleep. It took three lifetimes for Parvati to learn the teachings of her husband. One day she said, “Lord Shiva, ocean of teachings, I am a humble woman. I have taken three lifetimes to hear you, still I can’t reach your teachings. You say it is very  easy, I say it is very difficult.” Lord Shiva looked at her and said, “Do you really want to learn, or are you asking for arguments’ sake?” Women were arguing then and they are arguing now. To help a woman find a real mate, she has been given a special sixth sense to argue. Arguing is a woman’s treat. A man’s treat is to smile. When a woman argues, just smile, drink a glass of water and get out of the house as fast as you can.
Parvati replied, “Really, Lord, I want to learn!” Shiva said, “Then keep obeying whatever I will say. You will become obedient and the knowledge of Infinity will be with you.” Parvati did it. When a woman does not feel that she is a female, a shakti, it is a tragedy. When women says, “I don’t know,” “I can’t deal with it,” they are not taking long breaths, they cut the psyche. Men have a very different approach. They say, I’ll think it over and call you back.” It is actually a man’s way of resting his brain.

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