Meditation: NM0414-20010905 – Correcting the Sensory System

MEDITATION – Correcting the Sensory System
Yogi Bhajan – Espanola, New Mexico September 5, 2001

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Hold the right hand up in front the right shoulder with the elbow relaxed down.  Point the index finger up, the source of your wisdom, and hold down the other fingers with the thumb. Extend the left forearm forward, parallel to the ground, with the elbow relaxed down. Make a tight fist of your left hand with the thumb outside. Eyes are closed. Do Long and Deep Breathing as you mentally chant the “Wah-hay Guroo Jio” shabd by Bhai Avtar Singh. Keep the index finger, the fist and the navel point tight. Connect your inner ear with the navel point and move it in rhythm with the mantra. Digest the sound! Continue for 11 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold, and strongly tighten the index finger, fist and navel point. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Relax.

Bhai Avtar Singh – Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Wahe Jio – on SikhNet

“Wah-hay Guroo” is the glory of the One who takes you from darkness to light. On hearing it, feel light at the navel point and heart chakra. God lives with you, but you ignore it! It does not take much to enrich yourself with the strength of divinity. Once you have strength of divinity you will not barter and bargain your grace, and you will win. Nothing is permanent—partner, students, wealth, health. Only one thing is permanent—you and your divinity; you and your God within you. Do this kriya for 11 minutes. Once you get a little bit tuned with it, you can hear the unheard. Something in you will start talking to you. And that is the relationship you need.

Lecture – Congeniality
Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. – September 5th, 2001 – Espanola, NM, USA

We have many libraries and books and stories. Can you believe how many things we talk about? There is so much to learn, but if we do not know how to be content, we are not ourselves. Our life is full of earthquakes, sometimes because of anger, sometimes because of greed or attachment, sometimes because of pride. “Oh, if I had that…!” “I wanted to, but I couldn’t!” From this “couldn’t” comes life and we are not content. We live by the Will of God, we are surviving by the flow of energy and we are penetrating in our life by our own psyche. Still we are very discontented.
God created you, and His own Hand will carry you. But you do not want His Hand to carry you! You want, “kam, krodh, lobh and aunkaar” to carry you—desire, anger, greed and ego! There is curiosity about what tomorrow will be. Everybody wants to know what tomorrow will be! I tell you: Tomorrow is what you are today, and today, if you can flow with the magnetic field, the sun flares can connect and change your whole destiny to prosperity, richness and health.
The collective applied mind is the reality of the human mind in which there is no question of anger and no question of defeat. When you are involved in any relationship, you must speak and guide and sometimes goad, like those who sit on the neck of an elephant with an iron goad in their hand. The elephant knows that he must behave, or that goad will go right into his head.
Tragedy is for you what the iron goad is for the elephant. It puts you back on the path. You hate to suffer, but you are born to suffer when you are wrong. Fortunate are those who suffer and immediately correct themselves. But  you want to do wrong and not suffer at all! It does not happen that way. God will forgive you when you reach Him, but Mother Nature will never forgive you.
Man is a social animal. Without this, he is a brute. Living in a collective congregation is the source of all knowledge and all excellence. And that is Sahej Yoga—when things happen in a very simple way. You have to learn what is called “congeniality.” Congeniality is a sensory union. In the future, a sensory human will have congeniality to everything on this earth—not only to humans, but also among animals, root life, and bird life and among all that there is.
Once a shark came into shallow waters by mistake. 200 people were there, but nobody killed it. They successfully put it back into deep water. That is the bondage of selfless existence and service. Because of the pollution of the ocean, the sensory system of sharks is so damaged that they come on the beach. You do the same! You beach yourself in such a situation of life that does not belong to you! Why? Because your sensory system does not work either! Now let us act correctively.


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