Meditation: Subagh Kriya – Summer Solstice 1996

1. Palms facing you andflat, as if you are reading a book, bump alternately the heels of the palms together and then the Jupiter (index) fingers. The Jupiter fingers completely touch, but the palms only touch, and not the Mercury (pinkie) fingers.  Chant “Har” from the navel each time they bump.  Do this 11-min., then inhale, placing your hands flat against each other in front of your heart and pressing as hard as you can.  Squeeze your whole body. Exhale.  3 X.

This is for prosperity.


  1. Arms up at a 60-degree angle, elbows straight, palms facing outward and flat, cross the hands in front of you until just the wrists cross, then open your arms up again. Keep your elbows straight.  Alternate the left and right hand in front of the other.  Chant “Har” each criss-cross and uncross.  Do this 11-min.  Inhale, stretching as high as your hands will go, squeezing your whole body, hold, then exhale.  3 X.This turns misfortune into good fortune.

3. Place both thumbs on the Mound of Mercury for each hand, then close the

hand into a kind of fist, enveloping the thumb. Arms are up at 60-deg.  With a sudden motion, make a small circle with each fist, and stop.  Then do it again.  Your navel should move as you do this.  Chant “God” from your navel each time you make the circle.  Eyes are at the tip of your nose.  Do this 11-min.  Inhale, make tiger claws, stretch left as far as you can, hold, face front and exhale.  Then do this same on the right side.  3 X.

Stimulates the central nerve and opens the solar plexus.  It is good for when everything is falling apart, and there seems to be no hope.

4. Hold your hands in front of your navel, right hand in front of

the left, palms flat and facing inward. Alternately move them up and down somewhat rapidly,about 3 X per second.  Chant “Har Haray Haree, Wha-he-guru” as you do this.  After 3 1/2 minutes, start to whisper the chant.  After another 3 1/2 minutes, chant it silently to yourself for another 3 1/2 minutes.  Inhale, pressing elbows tightly against your ribs, squeezing your whole body, hold, and exhale.  3 X.
This one conquers fear.


5. Hold your elbows out in front of you, each hand on the opposite elbow, like Genie, in “I Dream of Genie”. Breathe one breathe per minute.  Inhale to a slow count of 20, hold for a count of 20, and exhale for a count of 20.  Eyes are at the tip of the nose.  At first it may help to visualize a thin thread that you inhale through the nose and through the back of the head, then down to your lungs and to your navel, then back out again.  This takes some practice, but it can be done.  It is very relaxing.  Do this 11-min, and that’s it.

This one conquers death.

These were given to us by the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan at Summer Solstice in 1996.  He said, “This is my gift to you”.

Taken as a whole, the Subak Kriya is one of the most powerful and complete kriyas you can do.  If you do it every day for 40 days, you will transform yourself into a glowing, balanced, fearless, prosperous, and glorious being.  You will become powerful beyond your imagination.


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