Recap: Healing and Meditation Class at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2018-09-18 – Inner Projection

Inner Projection

We project our radiance with our tenth body, the Radiant Body.  When your Radiant Body is shiny, you have a profound impact on those who perceive you.  If it is dull, you have little impact.  A strong Radiant Body can heal through your mere presence.
The Radiant Body projects outwardly and inwardly.  A strong inner projection gives you strength and confidence.  It gives you absolute acceptance of your self.  A weak inner projection makes you insecure.
In this class we will work with the radiant body in resonance with the inner projection.  We will relate through the third eye.  That will give the healer (and the patient) an intuitive introspection of the function of the Radiant Body and how it can enhance the inner projection.

NM345- Strengthen and Enhance the Radiant Body
m043-See Your Soul through the Third Eye

NM345- Strengthen and enhance the radiant body
M043-19890623 See Your Soul Within Your Third Eye

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