Today: Give attention to what has gotten you this far.  Hold to your path.  Keep up.  Going forward, do not skip any steps.” – from the I Ching

Give attention to what has gotten you this far.  Hold to your path.  Keep up.  Going forward, do not skip any steps.

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Tao Te Ching – Verse 51 – Every being in the universe is an expression of the Tao

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's and subsequent translations of the I Ching
46 – Forty-Six  Shêng / Upward Mobility

Beneath the Soil, the Seedling pushes upward toward the light:
To preserve his integrity, the Superior Person contents himself with small gains that eventually lead to great accomplishment.

Supreme Success.
Have no doubts.
Seek guidance from someone you respect.
A constant move toward greater clarity will bring reward.


You are progressing, rising inch-by-inch toward certain success.
What makes this assured is your refusal to tilt headlong toward your goal, slamming into obstacles and going mad with frustration.
You have a clear map before you of the steps necessary to reach your objective.
With faithful patience and a careful conservation of personal energy and resources, you will run this long, slow distance.

Six in the fifth place means:

Climb these steps to good fortune.

Perseverance brings good fortune.
One pushes upward by steps.


Mount Fanjing - south-west China


Mount Fanjing – south-west China
the Temple of the Buddha and the Temple of Maitreya 1

When a man is advancing farther and farther, it is important for him not to become intoxicated by success. Precisely when he experiences great success it is necessary to remain sober and not to try to skip any stages; he must go on slowly, step by step, as though hesitant. Only such calm, steady progress, overleaping nothing, leads to the goal.

1. Mount Fanjing
We’re in Guizhou province looking at a spire called Red Clouds Golden Summit on Mount Fanjing in south-west China. Rising more than 100 metres above the surrounding mountaintop, visitors will need to climb almost 9,000 steps to reach the summit. Look closely at the image and you can see how the stairs swirl up and around the rock formation and through a gorge.

The buildings you see perched at the top are two Buddhist temples – the Temple of the Buddha and the Temple of Maitreya – linked by a small footbridge. For visitors who don’t want to walk to the top, there’s a cable car that will take you two-thirds of the way there. It became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2018.

48 – Forty-Eight  Ching / The Well

Deep Waters Penetrated and drawn to the surface:
The Superior Person refreshes the people with constant encouragement to help one another.

Encampments, settlements, walled cities, whole empires may rise and fall, yet the Well at the center endures, never drying to dust, never overflowing.
It served those before and will serve those after.
Again and again you may draw from the Well, but if the bucket breaks or the rope is too short there will be misfortune.


There is a Source common to us all.
Jung named it the Collective Unconscious.
Others hail it as God within.
Inside each of us are dreamlike symbols and archetypes, emotions and instincts that we share with every other human being.
When we feel a lonely separateness from others, it is not because this Well within has dried up, but because we have lost the means to reach its waters.
You need to reclaim the tools necessary to penetrate to the depths of your fellows.
Then the bonds you build will be as timeless and inexhaustible as the Well that nourishes them.

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