Today: Go beyond your ego and associated self interest – from the I Ching


Go beyond your ego and associated self interest.  Do not deny yourself, rather extend your vision to include everything and everyone, serving in any capacity you are needed.  This attitude will dissolve the barriers that have formed between you and others. By your example it will extend to others, breaking down the divisions that have formed between people.

The text reads:
He must set aside all personal desires and disperse whatever the self gathers about it to serve as a barrier against others. Only on the basis of great renunciation can he obtain the strength for great achievements.

Do not expect too much at once.  With patience, keep refining the expression of your nature in small ways in order to effect a movement that will gain momentum toward a positive result.

Yesterday’s reading referred to a change of heart required to bring unity where there is division.  Here, it advises extending your attention outward in service beyond your ego in order to effect that change.


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