Meditation: LA0967-Division and Oneness

Yogi Bhajan – LA0967 – April 12, 2001

MEDITATION – Division and Oneness
1. Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Raise both hands to shoulder level with the elbows relaxed down. Point the index fingers up and the other fingers curled down with thumbs covering them. Eyes are closed.

Breathe in and out consciously and forcefully, inhaling as deeply as possible and exhaling as powerfully as you can. Be calm and quiet. Fight your thoughts and no-thoughts. Hear nothing, see nothing, think nothing. Become Shuniya. Merge into the rhythm of the universe. With the power of breath take out the violence that separates you from each other. Continue for 11 minutes.

2. Hold hands with your neighbors on each side (if you are part of a group) , creating a common ring of people. Do relaxed Long Deep Breathing. Let energy flow. Continue for 3 minutes.

To end, continue to hold hands and sing the “Long Time Sunshine” song, then chant long Sat Nam 3 times. Relax.

“May you all be blessed, blessed and blessed. And the most powerful thing with you—may you bless yourself in yourself for yourself from here to Infinity.”

from LA0967-Division and Oneness–We Are All One


We Are All One Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. – April 12th, 2001 – Los Angeles, CA, USA.

You know each other, because you were all born in the same time and space as a batch of the third millennium. No matter where we live—we have all come to the planet Earth. You know that you are here. Do you accept that everyone knows everyone? Do you ever go up to someone and say “Hi, you are here, I am here!” without knowing the person’s name? Whenever dealing with people, remember you are here along with everyone else all of the time.

People try to look different from each other, talk differently, be different and have different ethics and morals. We have a tendency to see other people as different from us—whether they are black, brown, yellow, Indian, African or Chinese. It is in our nature. Thousands of years of education have not solved this problem. If we do not prove we are different, then we like to prove we are special. We create minorities and majorities, trends and values. It is actually our ingrown habit to be virtuously hateful. And we are hate
ful because we are not grateful. We think that if someone gets something that we do not have, it is our loss.

Our primary, fundamental behavior should be that we were born at this time and space for a purpose which we are trying to discover. We need tolerance. We need patience. We need courage. We do not have these traits because we have not developed ourselves. We have neither manners nor time! We do not have time and we do not have space, so we all want to be different and, worst of all, we want others to feel that we are different.

Man has divided his consciousness to suit his individuality so he can create a group and become powerful. Nobody wants to come together for living. We have lived divided from day one. If nobody divides us, we divide ourselves. Why do we not divide ourselves into one division—that we are all One, and there are no two among us? In the unison of nature we can bring our molecules of life together and understand our own reality.


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