Today: Great power comes from your inner worth – from the I Ching

Great power comes from your inner worth.  Use it for righteous causes and for justice.  Apply it from within without grand external gestures.  Your greatness with then go unchallenged.

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's translation of the I Ching
The hexagram points to a time when inner worth mounts with great force and comes to power.  For that is truly great power which does not degenerate into mere force but remains inwardly united with the fundamental principles of right and of justice. When we understand this point – namely, that greatness and justice must be indissolubly united – we understand the true meaning of all that happens in heaven and on earth.
If a man goes on quietly and perseveringly working at the removal of resistances, success comes in the end. The obstructions give way and all occasion for remorse arising from excessive use of power disappears.
The sage is inexhaustible in his readiness to teach mankind, and just as the earth is boundlessly wide, sustaining and caring for all creatures on it, so the sage sustains and cares for all people and excludes no part of humanity. “

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