Meditation: NM0365-20001024-On Communication II

Yogi Bhajan – On Communication II – Effective Communication October 24th, 2000 – Espanola, NM, USA #NM0365

Meditation – Eliminate Inner Conflict.

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Interlock the fingers in Venus Lock (with the thumbs interlocked and the hands forming a cupped position) in front of the solar plexus. Eyes are closed. Chant, listen and understand the mantra Humee Hum Brahm Hum by Nirinjan Kaur.

Continue for 22 minutes. To end, inhale deeply and hold. Did you hear what you were saying? Raise yourself to that consciousness, to understand what you were saying deep in your heart! Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Relax.

You must hear and understand what you speak. If you do not develop this ability, you will not have knowledge of the universe. Your inner conflict will take away all your energy and sense of reality. Once you speak, hear and understand “Humee Hum Brahm Hum,” “We are we, we are God,” all conflict in your personality will disappear.

Non-verbal communication is the essence of our inflow. When you are self-rejective, when you are scared and have a non-communicative nature, you cannot say to someone, “I love you.” Non-verbal communication can be a release of commotions, or, when active, it can become flirtation. Sometimes people are obnoxious, and even though you are conscious of it, even if you talk reasonably, and you are innocent and sincere, you are hurt by them. When innocence does not work, you pocket your grief in a non-communicative hell. When your intuition is developed to know where things are leading, but you cannot say it, that pain and pleasure together is nonverbal communication.

There is a lot of non-verbal communication instead of communication. You all do it, and deny it. You speak in a way to slip by and are non-communicative about it. When you like somebody passionately and cannot say a word, your non-communication sinks the ship. Non-verbal communication can also save you from expressions which your body undertakes instead of verbalizing. Sometimes, instead of ending up with what you have to have, you end up with garbage. When you stink, you try to cover yourself in a very non-communicative way.

For effective communication, poke and provoke—involve the other person. Confront—confrontation is the only reality we have. Then elevate, enemies and friends—to reality.

    Humee Hum Brum Hum


On Communication II – Effective Communication October 24th, 2000 – Espanola, NM, USA #NM0365

When you speak to someone, you project where you are coming from—to project from the soul, your thoughts need to be universal. When you speak to someone, determine whether you are talking to the head, the heart or the soul of the person—to speak to the heart you must speak internal truths.

In communication we express individual thoughts, feelings, commotions and emotions. Pain and hurt are pocketed in our individual commotion, holding us back so much that we cannot communicate. We listen and talk only when our emotions are satisfied. We develop prejudices, and do not see the soul and heart of another person. That is why it takes time to find an angle that another person can understand.

For communication to work, your spirit must be behind it. Normally, in our communication we judge. There is no consideration of other people’s mental development and experience, or of their bright and shining souls.  Normally, in our communication we express need, “What will this do for me?”We forget that we have a soul, a mind and a body. Our normal communication is to yell and scream, to need, want or seduce. We act this way to get something, without knowing that things will come to us when we are in communication with our soul.  I have to keep my spirit with me. I need to be in communication with my fluctuating mind and my decaying body.

This is essential. This is why we do sadhana—to feed our souls. Only the soul can control the fluctuating mind, when it comes forward and says, “I don’t deserve this.”The spirit says, “No! I don’t have to put myself through this mud.”Your human touch, your power, is exactly what you communicate with your spirit. Life’s enjoyment is to be mutual—simple, straight and straightforward. Many people waste their life in arguing. When you are not satisfied with what you have, you blame others for your problems. If you accept your state of being, there is no problem. Life has an essential reach for itself. We have to reach out.


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