Today: Strong leadership and competence – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperWhat is required is strong leadership and competence.  Do not recruit anyone who is not up to the tasks that lie ahead nor anyone without the proper experience.  You may reward those who have already helped to come this far, but only with payment, and not with the bestowal of any significant role or position of authority.  If you already have, fire them immediately.
The text Reads:
The military power of a people is invisibly present in the masses. When danger threatens, every peasant becomes a soldier; when the war ends, he goes back to his plow. He who is generous toward the people wins their love, and a people living under a mild rule becomes strong and powerful. Only a people economically strong can be important in military power. Such power must therefore be cultivated by improving the economic condition of the people and by humane government.
…it is important that inferior people should not come into power. If they have helped, let them be paid off with money, but they should not be awarded lands or the privileges of rulers, lest power be abused.



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