Today: “The time for radical change is NOW.  You must use all means at your disposal to overturn the status quo. ” – from the I Ching

The time for radical change is NOW.  You must use all means at your disposal to overturn the status quo.  Your opposition will crumble and all the resources you need will appear and come to your aid.  Total success.

Meditation: LA747 921231 Fear 6, to command yourself

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#49, line 6, #1

Fire ignites within the Lake, defying conditions that would deny it birth or survival:
The Superior Person reads the Signs of the Times and makes the Season apparent to all.

The support you need will come only after the deed is done.
Renewed forces, however, will provide fresh energy for exceptional progress.
All differences vanish.

A revolutionary Change must be made forcibly.
There is no negotiating with the Established Order.
Perfect timing is essential.
Let the abuse of power become apparent and oppressive to those around you before making your move.
Lay the groundwork, sow the seeds for Revolution without tipping your hand prematurely.
You will need a strong foundation, because you will have to bring about this necessary change alone.
You cannot count on popular support, so you must wait until there is massive dissent.
Then the avenue for your assault will be cleared. 

You dodge the snares and snatch victory with the lightning speed and agility of a panther.
The jackals lose their nerve and swear allegiance to you.
You have won your revolt.
Don’t seek to climb higher.
Instead stabilize the new order for the good of all.

Heaven above and Heaven below:
Heaven in constant motion.
With the strength of the dragon, the Superior Person steels himself for ceaseless activity.

Productive Activity.
Potent Influence.
Sublime Success if you keep to your course.

The time for action has come.
You now have the focus and the stamina necessary for accomplishing great tasks.
The path before you is being cleared and reward lies ahead.


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