Today: Upheaval and radical transformation – from the I Ching


It is a time of upheaval and radical transformation. Opposing forces are trying to destroy each other.  The age old struggle between light and dark has reached a critical mass.  It is important to wait for the right time to act to exert influence in this matter.  Otherwise there will be negative consequences.

Keeping the mind humble and free, you may remain receptive to good advice and to the needs of those around you.  The masculine should yield to the feminine.  This will allow a mutual attraction to grow out of the conflict.

The text reads:
Political revolutions are extremely grave matters. They should be undertaken only under stress of direst necessity, when there is no other way out. Not everyone is called to this task, but only the man who has the confidence of the people, and even he only when the time is ripe. He must then proceed in the right way, so that he gladdens the people and, by enlightening them, prevents excesses. Furthermore, he must be quite free of selfish aims and must really relieve the need of the people. Only then does he have nothing to regret.


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