Yesterday, an extraordinary thing happened…

Yesterday, millions of people spontaneously came together, transcending rational behavior. Why? because it felt right.

That is the ultimate test of whether you are on the right track or are doing the right thing.  Felt good? Maybe.  But it felt right.

All of the physical dimensions that separate people were suspended yesterday: distance, geographical location, race, sexual identity, social strata, group identity, opinion, age, fear, doubt, suspicion and all forms of personal individuality.  People came together in many places, in many ways.  For what purpose?  Simply, to be together.

The gathering was not just peaceful, it was joyful.  Just what the heart needed.  That was expressed by many of the participants who were interviewed during the course of the event.  The emotional fatigue of constant divisive rhetoric, threats and actions gave way to a fundamental choice within each individual not to succumb to the cynical, hopeless depression of the current time and space.  Each chose to rise up and be seen as themselves and together.

They were called by their intuition to participate in something positive.  They were aware through a group psyche that they would not be alone, that they would be safe, that it would have a positive impact on themselves and all who witnessed it and they would have a good time.

What would come of it may be unknown.  In that space-time, the question  was irrelevant.  That is a question to be pondered now and in the near future, through contemplation, self inquiry and discussion.  A space has  opened up in every individual that is a subtle awareness of the others and the whole.  They will nurture that space with love and affection.  Each will find within themselves what their future role will be and what personal action needs to be taken.

Fortunately, there are meditations that can be used as tools for contemplating those questions, what happened, what it all means and what will happen.

Author: harinam

Yogi, teacher, healer

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